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10 Family Winter Activities

10 Family Winter Activities

Wintertime can be very cold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have loads of fun during this season. In fact, snow creates a lot of possibilities. Why stay indoors when your whole family could be having a wonderful time outside? 

There are plenty of winter family activities you can choose from, and all of them guarantee to bring joy into those gloomy days. Whether you decide to have some fun in your own backyard, or you find a suitable sport outdoors, here are some of the best family winter activities. 

10 Best Winter Family Activities

1.     Build a Snowman

This one is a classic. As soon as there is enough snow, pick a convenient place for your new family member. Guide your kids when it comes to shaping the snow. Show them what they can use for decoration. In addition, you could use this activity to teach them more about winter. They will love the process and will get a chance to express their creativity. You can even organize a challenge with the prizes for the best-looking snowman. 

2.     Go Skating

Skating is one of the most exciting family winter activities. Teaching your kids how to do it can put a smile on everyone’s face, as well as bring you close together. Your children will get a chance to be active no matter if it is snowing outside. You can go find an outdoor rink or even a frozen pond. Just make sure it is safe so you avoid any potential problems. 

3.     Relax around a Campfire

Gathering around the fire is the best way to stay warm during the winter. It can also be one of the best winter family activities because it is a great bonding experience. If it is allowed, set up a fire in your backyard and prepare a bunch of s’mores as well as a few scary stories. The atmosphere and the crackling of the fire will provide you with an unforgettable experience. 

4.     Go on a Hike

You don’t have to do anything crazy in order to bond with your family during the winter. Since nature looks wonderful covered in snow, going for a walk will provide you with lots of fun. All it takes is putting on a warm winter jacket and snowshoeing boots and you’re all set. Your children will be delighted by the landscape, and you can also use this time to strengthen your relationships.

5.     Look at the Sky

Stargazing doesn’t only have to be done in summer. There are also many shiny starts during wintertime as well. This activity will spark your children’s creativity and it is a great way to spread knowledge. You can even use a small telescope for a better experience. Don’t forget to dress well and bring a thermos with some hot chocolate to make your whole family smile. 

6.     Snowball Fight

Family winter activities do not have to cost a lot of money. Having a snowball fight is exciting, unpredictable, and most importantly – free. This activity will immediately boost everyone’s mood and cause lots of laughter. In addition, your children will make some amazing memories which will last for a lifetime. Long winter days can cause you to lose motivation, so go for a snowball fight if you need an energy boost.

7.     Play Sports in the Snow

Snow should not stop you from having fun. In fact, it can even add more excitement! You can play any sport your family enjoys, such as soccer, basketball, or even baseball. Younger children will find this activity particularly exciting, so go ahead and put a smile on their face. Just make sure you get a bright colorful ball so you don’t lose it.

8.     Make Snow Angels

This is another classic winter family activity. Everyone can agree that jumping on a fresh pile of snow is very satisfying. You can even organize a fun family competition. See if any of you can create different kinds of creatures with your body. However, you should make sure everyone is properly dressed because it can get really cold outside. Getting an insulated jacket will keep your body warm no matter how low the temperature gets. 

9.     Catch Snowflakes

If you think about it, snow is actually quite fascinating. When it starts falling, go outside and try to catch it. Put on some dark colored gloves so you can see them better, or even catch them with your tongue. Seeing how differently every snowflake is shaped and how long it takes for them to melt will be fun and exciting for everyone, especially children. Your little ones can even organize a competition to see who can catch the biggest snowflake. Either way, this activity is great for the whole family.

10. Go Ice Fishing

As soon as it gets really cold, you can find a small frozen lake and try ice fishing! Even though it may sound complicated, it is actually pretty simple. You will need to create bait and then cut a hole in the ice. Then, be patient and wait. Even if you do not catch any fish, this activity can be very fun and it can give your children an opportunity to learn a lot. If frozen water does not exactly sound fun to you, you can always create a small pool in the backyard and use your imagination. 

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Winter can be a very exciting season for the whole family. There are many things you can do together in the snow. Such activities will bring your family closer, as well as fill your days with laughter. You can either find an adequate spot outdoors or stay in your backyard.

As soon as winter arrives, head out with your loved ones and enjoy building a snowman, holding a campfire, ice fishing, making snow angels, going for a hike or catching snowflakes, among other activities. It is a great idea to take advantage of the snow since most of these things can only be done during the winter. Bring some hot cocoa for even more enjoyment. 

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