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10 Fashion Tips for Discerning Men

10 Fashion Tips for Discerning Men

Discerning men usually don’t need fashion tips. They do their own research and come to their own conclusions. This is admirable. However, sometimes, in the fog of life, we can lose track of some important considerations surrounding our fashion sense. How accepting or resistant to trends do we want to be? What works for us and what should we avoid? In our hectic lives, we sometimes fail to adapt or we adapt too willy nilly. Here are ten fashion tips to help navigate the fashion world for the discerning man.

Wear Confidently

A great deal of fashion is the attitude that accompanies the clothes. If you feel like you look like a million bucks, you do. People might not understand why you are so confident, but the will envy it and appreciate it. Whatever you choose to wear, wear it with pride.

Style Is Different Than Fashion

Style is timeless. A well-tailored suit with classic accessories will never look bad. Trendy fads are in style for a brief time. Remember parachute pants? Yea, that was a quick fad. Although it can be fun, understand the difference between style and fad and when in doubt, choose style.

Details Matter

It is impressive when a small detail pops from an ensemble. For example, when your pocket square matches your tie and socks, people take notice. In fashion, details matter. Ironing your clothes, shining your shoes, matching accessories all tell a story and when done right. The story is that you pay attention to detail. Don’t forget sunglasses, either. Sunglasses are an important component of fashion. Not every pair goes with every look or outfit.

Fit Matters

Getting a bargain on an item of clothing that almost fits isn’t a bargain. You wasted your money because that item looks bad. Well-tailored suits and properly fitted clothes can set you apart, whereas poorly fitted clothes make you look desperate or undiscerning. Never get a wrong-sized item just because it is a good deal or almost fits. It’s better to have a perfect fit than the perfect item that almost fits.

Quality Matters

There is no substitute for quality. When an item of clothing or an accessory is well made it is obvious and so too when it is of poor quality. High quality clothing feel better on your body and infuse you with a sense of confidence that is noticable. Quality is one of those hard to define words, but you know it when you feel it. More significantly, you know it when it’s absent. Don’t subject yourself to low quality. It pollutes your self-perception and and makes you feel compromised.

Donate Clothes (Keep the Cycle Churning)

It’s understandable that you can’t ever get rid of that one pair of pants that you’ve loved forever. But, you can’t have a closet full of such items. In with the new, out with old. This not only keeps your wardrobe fresh but keeps you from acquiring clutter. This is also a good way to tell yourself you are worth new things and there is abundance in the world. You don’t need to cling to old stuff.

Hints of Flair (but don’t overdo it)

Show some whimsy, but within a classic ensemble. A splashy, tie-dyed bowtie is fun. A splashy, tie-dyed jacket is too much. Putting a hint of flair in a classic outfit makes the whimsy stand out and makes the classic look seem bold and confident.


Accessories take the look to the next level. Wear your watches, jewelry, hats, socks, cell phone covers, etc. deliberately and with a plan. If your cufflinks don’t match your belt buckle, you are wasting your other good fashion choices.

Dress Like You Might Run Into The Boss At Your Dream Job

If you are in your sweats and flip flops when you run into someone you would love to impress, you are starting at a disadvantage. There is nothing wrong with dressing casually at times, but keep in mind, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Watch The Length of Your Tie

When your tie stops at the top of your belt, it looks sharp and tells the world you have tied a tie before. If it is too short, it creates the illusion of being wide and offish.

In order to be fashionable man, you must understand a few things. First, fashion and style are different even if related. Style is always essential. Fashion comes and goes. Never compromise your style for fashion, but understand what is fashionable and play with it. Make it a part of your style, just don’t let it overwhelm your style. When you do that, you’ll always be fashionable. Also, accessorize well. And don’t be afraid to show a little flair but combine it with classic style. This takes advantage of the best of both worlds.

Fashion and High Society

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