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10 Fresh Business Ideas to Help Fulfill Your 2018 Resolutions

10 Fresh Business Ideas to Help Fulfill Your 2018 Resolutions

A lot of us have been dreaming of starting up a business for a long time now. Some good reasons for starting a business include: as a source of income, a way to pad your 9 to 5 salaries or as a means of getting extra cash to fund your lifestyle and have a good credit repair review. It, however, might begin to seem like you’ve been saying this forever with no tangible efforts or results. This could be because you feel you don’t have time, what you want to do is capital intensive, or just feel like you have no marketable skills.

Which is why we have decided to bring to you 10 fresh business ideas you can start today to put you on track to fulfilling your dreams:

Be a Blogger!

Blogging is an easy and lucrative business you can start up as all it needs is your laptop, internet connection, and your ideas. Find a niche you either have experience in or you have a great interest in and begin to write. It could be “petty” like your knitting or major like your 15-year experience in construction. Either way, when you find that interest, document it. Once you can grow your audience, you can set up your Google ads,request to be an affiliate marketer and so on.

Sell your Craft

These days it has become easy to sell crafts to a wide and varied audience. From your Instagram feed to eBay, virtual shops can be set up and managed from wherever you are. So if you are an artist, a knitter, a painter, music producer it is now easier for you to reach interested clients. Simply open a page, follow and engage relevant people, use relevant tags and be consistent with quality.


A fun and interesting money maker is taking online surveys, companies are always trying to better their services and the only way they can do this is by receiving feedback. So in your spare time, you can scour for surveys and take them in return for money. It doesn’t pay much but it’s still money, you can spend on food or groceries.

Client Introductions

Introducing businesses to clients who need them is a cool but capital-intensive way to make money. You can create online forums, organize meetings, dinners and the like. Your job is just to bring the people who are most relevant to each other together in one space.

Content Writing

If you’re passably good at writing, with a good command of the English language and its grammar. Then you can make a good income as a freelance writer. The world is constantly in need of content, as there are new blogs springing up. Just find a site like Fiverr where you can market yourself and begin to sell. You could start off making $5 or $10 but it really starts to add up over time.

Dog Walking

People who work a 9 to 5 rarely have time to walk their dogs, which is where you come in. if you have free time during the day you can make cool cash helping people exercise their pets. The more dogs you get, the merrier your pockets.


Hello! Welcome to my channel. We all watch YouTube. And these days YouTube is the quickest way to becoming an online influencer. If you are a makeup artist, an amateur singer, dancer, teacher, web designer, simply open a YouTube page and fill it with attractive content. If you can get people to watch then you can get revenue.

Virtual Assistant

Businesses are beginning to shift from hiring full staff assistants to using online assistants. If you have experience with Microsoft office then you have all the skills needed to be a virtual assistant.

Personal Trainer

If you are fit and have knowledge of nutrition and exercise then people would be willing to pay you a good amount of money to whip them into shape. And once word gets out of your results then more customers would appear.


A lot of people don’t have time to clean up their homes and as such would rather hire a cleaner. You can start this with a minimal capital and as you make profit begin to buy more efficient tools.

There are a huge number of other businesses you can engage in it to rake in the profit and these are just a few of them. And trust me once you start making your money, you’d wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

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