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10 Ideas That May Save Your Life From November’s Depression

10 Ideas That May Save Your Life From November’s Depression

November is the less loved month from all the 12 ones. It is actually, the most depressing month and there are significant reasons for this. The year is going to the end, and its final notes are deeply feeling in the air. The days are too short, gloomy and rainy. It is always horribly cold outside, and there is no a day that could have the reason to celebrate something and cheer up. However, it is always possible to find the reason for being positive, so here is a list of things that can make your November happier.

  1. Accept November with all its downfalls. This step sounds too primitive, but it is the most important one. If you decided to make your November better, you need to stay positive and keep the smile on your face wider. The best way is to accept all the aspects that disappoint you. If you ignore them, they will irritate you. But if you decide to make peace with them, you will be able to feel the peaceful happiness. Try to find some positive sides in any situation you are, even if it is a dreadful November. Keep these positive sides in your mind and enjoy them.
  2. Enjoy the food. It is not a secret that the food could make people happy. The food is not only needed to keep you alive. It is something more and could be a great source of pleasure. Enjoy your favorite meals. Try new dishes, cook yourself, and try to make it beautiful and delicious at the same time. It is not difficult, but it could make you happier and keep the smile on your face for longer.
  3. Make cozy evenings. And this refers not only to evenings. It is cold and uncomfortable outside, but you have all opportunities to make the comfort zone inside your house. Take a beautiful warm blanket, sit at your favorite comfortable place in the house, and enjoy the moment. It is the time to make dreams, to read your favorite books, listen to music, or simply cocooning. Feel the moment and enjoy its coziness.
  4. Watch TV series. The long evenings give the great opportunity to start watching long series. You may sit comfortably in your chair, turn on your favorite TV series and enjoy watching them all the evenings long. Feel this time and appreciate it as it is the longest evenings in the whole year. Time will change, you will be busier and will not be able to find the time for watching a film. But November is the best time for this.
  5. Feel the coming Christmas. You may think it is too early, but you are wrong. It is the best time tostart waiting for Christmas. The days are going too fast and Christmas will come soon. Be ready for it in advance. You may think over what presents you need to buy your close people, make the list and even start preparing presents. When the day of the holiday will be close, you will have lots of things to do and will be rushing in a hurry. Then you will be thankful if your presents will be already packed.
  6. Perfect time for hot drinks. It is extremely cold outside, the perfect time to warm up with hot drinks. They are not only to make you warm. They could be fascinatedly delicious and you need to taste all the variety of them. They are various kinds of tea, both homemade and bought ones. The same is about coffee. Just try another new drink every day and see if you like them. They will make you feel warm and cozy and their taste fills the air with enjoy men
  7. Time to wear sequins and velour. Do not be ashamed of the sequins as it is the best time to take them out and put on. Combine them with free velour. You don’t need to follow other’s style; you can freely create your combination and wear it proudly. The way you look in the miracle significantly influences your mood. So, create the looks that will make you feel happy and do not forget to wear the smile as a part of your look.
  8. Keep going to the gym. The fact that the summer is gone is not the reason to stop visiting the gym. You need to always be in a fit if you want to stay positive and happy. Physical exercises will keep your body in tonus and effects on your mental health. You will be satisfied with yourself and have the energy to do something new with a greater result. To keep the good mood in November, you need to receive the great portion of motivation and the gym is the place where you can find this motivation.
  9. Get involved in events. Summer is usually an extremely busy season which has more holidays and events than days in the months. After such a deep involvement in life, autumn looks like a desert with nothing to do. However, if you carefully look for, you can find the great list of different masterclasses, festivals and lots of others interesting and fascinating events. November is just the best time to go to the concert, to see your favorite comedian in the cinema or go to the musical. Try to use every single moment and fill your time with pleasure.
  10. Take part of Movember. Don’t you hear about it? This is the greatest event of this month and you must be involved in it if you want to feel all the pros of November. If you try, you will definitely see that November is not so bad and there is no time for depression.
Erica Fleming

Erica Fleming

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