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10 Killer Tips to Creating Attractive Resumes

10 Killer Tips to Creating Attractive Resumes

The 2019 national unemployment rate is at 4%, which is higher than it was last year. In times like these, finding a job can be more difficult than ever.

By taking the time to create a killer resume, you can come out on top. Read on for our 10 tips on attractive resumes and how to achieve them. 

1. Choose the Right Format

There are a number of resume formats to choose from. Based on the job you’re going for, it’s important to choose what’s right for that specific job description.

For example, if you’re going for a tech career, you should go with a standard resume format that won’t distract from your list of skills. If you are seeking a more creative role, such as a graphics artist position, you have more room to get creative with it.

2. Attractive Resumes Incorporate Your Personal Style

Find a way to make your resume “you.” Or at least find a way to make it stand out without being too abstract.

Depending on the job you’re going for, there are a number of ways to get creative with your resume.

Attractive resumes stand out amongst the rest by having that little extra something. Do what you can to give them a taste of your style. Once you get your foot in the door with a face-to-face interview, you’ll have the chance to showcase your full personality and really stand out.

3. Create a Header or “Attention Grabber”

While the standard “objective statement” may be out of style, there are still ways to introduce yourself and make it into the pile of attractive resumes for potential employers.

Write a short summary of your experience, skills, and what kind of a position you are seeking. Make it brief and impactful.

4. List Relevant Work Experience

In most cases, you’ll want to list your three most recent jobs that pertain to the job you’re going for. If you’re going for a senior role, you may want to include more than that.

5. Quantify Your Achievements

Attractive resumes feature success in your previous roles that is backed by numbers. For example, you could say, “Implemented new sales procedure that increased productivity by 60%.”

6. Tailor Your Skills to the Position

Look at the requirements of the position you’re applying for. Think about what you did in previous roles that directly relates.

7. Include Important Additional Details

Did you volunteer anywhere that may be relevant to your prospective employer? If so, be sure to include that in your resume.

Maybe you attended seminars or completed coursework beyond your education that’s applicable. Whatever it is, don’t forget to make it known on your professional resume.

8. Add a Cover Letter

Unless specifically stated otherwise, many attractive resumes are accompanied by a cover letter that truly showcases your personality. Keep it concise and professional. If you have gaps in your employment, be sure to address those as well.

9. Proofread Carefully

Proofreading a resume goes far beyond spelling and grammar. There a number of details to look out for, including formatting, font, and continuity.

Professional resume writers are available if you would like assistance to make sure it’s perfect. 

10. Submit in the Proper File Format

Be sure your resume is in a file format that anyone can open. PDF and Word are usually the best options.

Final Thoughts

Job hunting isn’t easy, but you have what it takes to stand out from the crowd. Use these tips to make sure yours is among the most attractive resumes for potential employers.

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