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10 of the Best Handmade Wool Tallits For 2019

10 of the Best Handmade Wool Tallits For 2019

Though the Jews certainly have come a long way, tallits still serve a profound purpose in their everyday lives. This simple fringed cloth remains their most recognized emblems while epitomizing the innate synagogue experience. 

The entire idea of putting on a tallit goes back to the ancient Torah era when it was mandatory for all Jews to attach a knitted tassel, known as ‘tzitzit’ to each corner of a 4-cornered garment. It was to remind the Jewish people of the 613 mitzvot while protecting them from the scorching desert sun. The prayer shawl even inspired the modern-day Israeli flag. 

When shopping for tallit, whether it’s a prayer shawl or not, there are a couple of things you must be aware of. First, authentic Tallis usually is made of wool, although not necessarily handmade. Also, this garment often either feature blue and white (or gold) stripes or black and white (Tallit Gadol). Getting a handmade, wool all-white tallit, however, is still okay. 

Today, you can get a handmade tallit without undergoing lots of hassles. Several online shops have this iconic garment, although we’ve rounded up the best types for 2019. 

Let’s check them out:

  1. Naftaly Embroidered Tallis

If having a custom-made tallit in 2019 is your dream, then you’ve got to make it a reality by ordering one Naftaly Embroidered Talli. This garment’s rich navy blue colored stripes plus the colorful patterns making up each stripe ensure you have an awesome prayer shawl. 

The Tzitzit is knitted in Beige, a choice that perfectly blends with the beautiful navy blue and light blue colors. On top of that, the whole cloth is handmade, ideally suited for someone looking to buy a quality Tallit. 

  • Talitnia Traditional Israeli Tallit – it is 100% Wool (Frum)

This type of tallit is quite popular today, all because many prefer using it to cover the newlyweds under the Chuppah during a traditional Jewish wedding. It is not a surprising pick here though, given that it is made from authentic wool in Israel and shipped throughout the world. 

It is large enough to suit a fully grown size man and suits everyone, regardless of if you are Frum, someone conservative or just a regular shopper of top-quality Tallits. It is important to note that, although a distinguished Israeli prayer shawl maker designs it, Talitnia Traditional Israeli Tallit isn’t handmade. 

  • Blue and White Wool Tallit – Galilee Silk

With an excellent horizontal design and some blue velvet and taffeta stripes, this handmade tallit is another awesome choice. And as it’s a norm with Galilee Silk, this tallit also has Hebrew blessings written along the collar, inscribed to praise the Lord, God. 

Other than that, this Blue and White Wool Tallit is stunning as it is made from top-quality, long-lasting material. Accompanying it is a matching kippah and a bag that ensures it arrives in its pristine condition. 

  • Gabrieli Handwoven white Wool Tallit – White with Blue Stripes

Known as a charming piece, handmade from pure wool, this fabric is carefully made by artisans of Gabrieli. This Tallit features the white and blue colors of the Israeli flag and have a Kosher tzitzit which makes it a ready-to-wear choice. It also comes with a matching kippah plus tallit bag. 

Makers of this handmade, wool tallit have a reputation for crafting quality tallits, a tradition that extends to over 50 years. And so, while choosing it, you can be confident that you will not go wrong. 

  • A Royal Blue Wool Tallit Set with Multicolor Stripes from Gabrieli

Yet another handmade wool tallit from Gabrieli, this stipped, colorful Royal Blue Wool Tallit Set honors the multi-colored coat of Biblical Joseph. It is made up of seven colorful stripes and dominant blue color. It also comes with a tzitzit, which basically makes it a ready-to-wear choice. 

As well as a matching kippah, this tallit comes with a unique tallit bag. Overall, it is a tallit of outstanding quality, made by a reputable maker of tallits. 

  • Modern Blue Star of David Wool Tallit from Galilee Silks

Purely made of wool, this tallit features a dominant navy blue Star of David design and well-stitched color inscribed Hebrew blessing. One beautiful thing with this handmade tallit is the Jewish writings that praise the Lord, God. Overall, it is remarkable with a lasting, top-quality make. 

It is a tallit made by Galilee Silks, a respectable maker of a stunning collection of Jewish fabric, known as Judaica textile products. This maker boasts of over 25 years of designing and producing garments for the Jewish community across the world.

  • Wide Silver Panel with Diamond and Zig-Zag Galilee Silks Wool Tallit

Perfect as your everyday prayer shawl for Shabbats and other Jewish holidays, this tallit never disappoints. The garment’s diamond shape beautifully contrasts with the zig-zag pattern and the shiny grey-silver colored collar to create a beautiful tallit. It is 100% wool and would come in handy if you are looking for a tallit to wear during a bar mitzvah, a wedding or pretty much any other Jewish celebration. 

  • Handmade White Wool Tallit with Blue and White Stripes

A white tallit made with blue stripes is sure to look charming. This handwoven tallit features cute royal blue and silver bands on top of the white color. It is a perfect prayer companion, primarily because of its fantastic weaving stitch designs. 

Just like the other Gabrieli-made tallits, it comes with a top-quality assurance as it is designed with outstanding artistry. A package comes with a kippah and a tallit bag as well. 

  • Vintage Tallis (comes in Navy Blue and Silver)

Christened a fabulous handmade prayer shawl for 2019, this vintage-inspired piece is incredible. From its distinctive vine-like design to the well-embroidered hand-illustrated flowers across the center of the Tallis, it has everything desired of an exquisite tallis. It has a cool, elegant design of silver mesh fabric too. 

  1. Golden Tallit 

Not precisely a handmade type, this tallit is another popular choice for Jewish weddings and other special occasions. One thing with it though; it is made of pure wool, and can last for years. 

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