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10 Online Shopping tricks to get better discounts

10 Online Shopping tricks to get better discounts

Today, online stores are equipped with multiple schemes to attract new customers and get shoppers to spend more and more on their stores. There are online shopping experts who know how to get the most out of these stores using tricks and getting discounts on each transaction. These experts are called bid hunters.

Here I am going to leave you the most used tricks by these experts so you can save more when making your purchases online.

Escape the dynamic price trap

Dynamic pricing is a strategy that online retailers use to offer different prices to different customers based on demand, market factors, and each user’s browsing and spending patterns. This technique has become more sophisticated now that websites can track your Internet browsing and gain intimate knowledge of your online behavior. Retailers use this data to determine their price point, which means that when you buy a product, you can see a higher price than someone with different spending habits using a different computer.

The best way to avoid being charged a higher price is to delete your browser cookies and log out of your account. You can also try using your browser version of a “private” or “unknown” window, so cookies are not saved during the search.

Leave the items in your cart

Log in to your account, place the items you want in the cart and then just wait. Retailers want to close the deal and make the sale, so they will find ways to attract you back. In a few days, you can receive an email with a coupon or an offer for a better price.

Search coupons

 If you’re not getting coupon codes from the abandoned cart strategy, check out popular coupon sites like Coupon Walmart.

Connect through social networks

Following retailers on Twitter or Facebook is a good idea. Why? Well, because they often reward their social followers with exclusive coupons or early access to important sales.

Sign up to receive email alerts

Companies usually send coupons to those on their email list. Some of these offers are single-use offers. If you sign up with multiple email addresses, you can accumulate multiple unique coupon codes. Also, many stores like Amazon offer you a 10% discount coupon just to join your mailing list.

Don’t just sign up for your favorite stores – do it with your competitors too. In this way, you can compare offers and request price comparison.

To keep your inbox organized, set up a filter that sends all promotional emails to a separate folder. The advantages are one, you have all your coupons in a place that allows you to compare offers between stores and two, you can quickly detect sales trends over time. We have done this here at Amazon left wrist brace and have noticed that stores usually send emails with “one-time-only” issues, but when we look at previous emails, we see that they have announced identical offers every two months. Suddenly, that one-time agreement no longer feels so urgent.

Call or write customer service – sometimes they can extend expired coupons

Sometimes it is not necessary to buy anything when the coupon code reaches your email. But then weeks later, once the coupon has expired, you realize that you need that expensive item and that the coupon code would save you a fortune. Do not worry! Companies want you to buy, and if you call their customer service line, they will probably give you another coupon. We have tried this several times and sometimes it has worked for us. It is not safe, but once three times this strategy has worked.

Compare prices in the store with prices online

The prices in the store and online do not always coincide. Now that we are all armed with smart phones, it is easy to compare the product in your hand with its online price. And if you are shopping online, it is sometimes as easy as a phone call to the physical store to find out the price of the store.

Use multiple coupon codes strategically

If an online retailer allows you to use multiple coupon codes at checkout, use the codes in the correct order to get the most savings. For example, if you have a coupon code for a 20% discount on your purchase and a $15 discount, use the 20% discount code first that the 20% discount will be applied to the full price of the product that earns you a deeper discount.

Check if you can get price refunds

Let’s say you make a purchase and then notice days after the price has dropped. Some stores will give you a refund for the price difference if you contact them within a certain number of days. For items sold and shipped by Amazon, contact the company within seven business days of the delivery date and they will refund the price difference. Some credit cards also offer price protection. That is, if the price falls within a certain period of your purchase, they will refund the difference. Find out if your credit card comes with this advantage.

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