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10 Steps to Changing Your Career

10 Steps to Changing Your Career

Industries are changing rapidly, and the likelihood of staying with the same company your whole career is a lot less common than it was decades ago. More and more people are making career changes and finding the paths that make them happy. If you’re feeling stuck at your job and want to make a change, here are some tips.

1 – Why do you want to leave?

Are you satisfied with your current job? Keep track of what you like and don’t like about what you’re doing and look for the pattern. Do you dislike your day to day job duties or the company as a whole? Figuring out what isn’t working is the first step towards figure out what will work for you.

2 – Think about what you’re good at

After you figured out what you don’t want, it’s time to start looking at the positives. What skills do you have, and where have you been able to apply them? Whether it’s your current or previous roles, volunteer work or hobbies, think about what you have interest in doing.

3 – Where can you apply those skills?

Start brainstorming career options that might fit what you’re looking for. For example, if you realized that you want a role where you can be creative, you can think about a career in graphic design, web development or even marketing. You can also meet with a career counsellor to talk about your options.

4 – Look at the industry

Take a look around online job sites to see what kind of options are out there. You can see what companies are hiring and what the criteria are in the field you’re interested in, and figure out what you need to do to get there.

5 – Brush up your resume

Now that you’ve seen what potential employers are looking for, you can start to tailor your resume to meet those qualifications. Play up your relevant skills and experience, or highlight any courses you’ve taken related to your new career. You can also use a resume builder to make sure your resume is as professional and high-quality as possible.

6 – Network!

Finding a new job is difficult no matter what, but especially so when you’re entering a new field. Reach out to people who are working in your desired industry and ask to meet for coffee and chat. Ask them about how they got started or what they like about their jobs, and maybe even if they know of any openings that you could apply for. Anywhere from 70% to 85% of people say they got their jobs through networking! 

7 – Get your feet wet

If you are unable to transition into a new career right away, try volunteering or freelancing on the side. For example, if you wanted to leave your desk job and become a photographer, you can start by volunteering to take photos at a community event, or at a friend’s wedding. These can help build your portfolio and eventually book high-paying jobs, and then finally leave your 9-to-5 behind and become a full-time photographer.

8 – Take a class

There might be some skills that you just don’t have, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. You can take courses online through sites like Lynda in anything from graphic design to coding. You can also sign up for evening classes at a local college. Some companies even offer in-house training or will cover costs if you want to take a seminar or workshop.

9 – Don’t count your current industry out

Even though you may be over your current job, there might be something close to home that’s a good fit for you. For example, a software developer could transition into the role of a product manager. It’s a different set of duties, but can be an easier switch than leaving your tech career behind to become an accountant!

10 – Don’t sell yourself short

If you’re taking the leap into a new career, you may think you need to start back at the bottom rung of the ladder. But your career experience, even if it’s in a different industry or position, shouldn’t be counted out. No matter where you’ve worked, you’ve learned valuable skills like working on a team, meeting goals or targets and efficiently managing your time. Negotiate to make sure you’re getting the offer you deserve.

Hopefully, these tips will help you break the ice!


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