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10 Things to Do In the Andaman Islands

10 Things to Do In the Andaman Islands

When you visit the Andaman Islands for a vacation, your wanderlust soul would be mesmerized by the turquoise sea waters, the golden beaches, sunny skies, and pristine environs. Andaman is the hot favorite tourist destination and it attracts tourists from across the world. The Andaman Islands are known to form an archipelago comprising 572 islands. You could enjoy staying here in luxurious resorts with plush cottages. There are water activities and adventure sports galore and you would be delighted with sight-seeing and the tourist hotspots.

  • You Can’t-Miss Scuba Diving

If you have been dreaming about exploring the splendid marine world, you have chosen the right place for living your dream. The destination to head for all scuba enthusiasts is the Havelock Island where you could enjoy scuba diving to your heart’s content.

  • Snorkeling Should Be a Part of Your Andaman Tour Package

North Bay Island is actually a hotspot for snorkeling in Port Blair. The enthralling beach and the amazing snorkeling opportunities amidst the fascinating coral reefs could be a memorable experience. You could avail a ferry service that would be taking you all across the Aberdeen Jetty and then would be bringing you back. The Neil Island and the Elephant Beach in the Havelock Island are other popular snorkeling hotspots in Andaman.

  • Sea Walking Is a Must

You could now explore the amazing marine ecosystem underwater without any diving knowledge or experience. You could choose sea walking in Elephant Beach or North Bay. It is just a walk at the bottom of the beautiful sea. You would need to put on a protective helmet that would be supplying oxygen to you while you walk around safely exploring and discovering the mesmerizing marine life at the sea bottom. This is a truly mind-blowing experience that you should never miss.

  • Mangrove Kayaking at Mayabunder

Mangrove kayaking at Mayabunder is surely a much-loved outdoor activity in the Andaman Island. Sea kayaking amidst the lush mangrove forests could be a peaceful and a fulfilling experience for tourists who enjoy relaxing in a tranquil environment. You could enjoy this activity for about two and half hours. Time would just fly by as you listen to the chirping of the birds amidst peaceful and serene surroundings. Seek professional help from the experts to learn more about the Andaman tour package.

  • Barren Island’s Volcano Tour

The Barren Island’s volcano tour could be an awe-inspiring experience that could trigger an element of fear in your heart. It is one of the rare living volcanoes worldwide. Experience a simply mind-blowing experience.

  • Glass Bottom Boating

You could avail a boat that has a transparent bottom so you get the opportunity to see the fascinating marine life and enchanting corals while sailing around. You could explore the amazing marine ecosystem without any need to learn diving. The best beach for glass bottom boating experience is supposed to be the Dolphin Beach situated in Havelock Island.

  • Try Parasailing

Enjoy parasailing for about five to ten minutes. It is a magical mix of airborne adventure and water sports. Enjoy the natural beauty all around you while you fly up in the air.

  • Include Seaplane Ride in Andaman Tour Package

Enjoy the fantastic seaplane ride during your Andaman trip. Your amphibian aircraft ride provides you an opportunity to savor the mesmerizing and fascinating view of the islands.

  • Island Trekking Is for Adventure Lovers

Enjoy exploring and appreciating the fascinating life in the forest. You could enjoy trekking via the nature trail starting from Mount Harriet and ending in Madhuban.

  • Don’t Miss Camping

Create nice and sturdy camps for protecting you from the ocean, sun, or some other elements.

You could indulge in a host of other activities. However, the suggestions provided are supposed to be the best.

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