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10 Tips for Camping in the Rain

10 Tips for Camping in the Rain

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When you’re out camping you must be prepared to protect yourself from the various elements of nature. 

One of these elements is rain. If the campground that you’ve chosen is always getting lots of rain, you must have knowledge of some things. Camping when it rains can be lots of fun – as long as you’re not getting beat by the weather. 

Below we have a few helpful tips from 99camping so keep reading to know more. 

1: Always Check Weather Forecasts

Rainy weather won’t be a problem if you can always check the weather forecasts. It’s important for you to know precisely when it would rain and when it won’t. 

If you’re outside your tent and don’t want to suddenly get caught in a heavy downpour of rain, you must be updated on weather changes at the campground’s locality. Tune in to the local weather forecasts to get the most accurate predictions of rain and sunshine. 

If you can do this, you would spend most of the rainy moments within the warmth of your tent. 

2: Find a Good Place to Set Up Your Tent

The next thing you need to do is find the right place to set up your tent. You must consider certain things like the proximity of the site to water bodies. 

During a heavy downpour of rain, there’s a possibility that a nearby water body may overflow and flood nearby areas. It would be unfortunate if your tent is so close to a lake or river that it gets flooded. 

Another thing you must avoid is placing your tent beneath a tree; this is dangerous because the tree may get blown over by a terrible wind. 

3: Put a Tarp Below the Tent

Apart from the tarp you use for setting up the tent, you should also pack an extra one to spread on the tent’s floor. Whenever it rains, the ground gets wet and moist. 

This moisture is not so great for the luggage you keep on the ground, hence the need for a tarp on the tent floor. When your tent’s floor is kept dry, you would be more comfortable in the tent. 

4: Wear Proper Clothes

Another important thing you must consider is your choice of camping gear. When camping in a rainy region, you should expect situations where the rain suddenly starts during some hiking or jogging exercise outside. 

When this happens, you must be prepared – either you’re wearing a rain poncho or some water-proof overall. Beneath your waterproof overall, you should be wearing woolen fabric. Wool is a great material that keeps you warm in cold weather. 

Also, you cannot rely on cotton-based fabrics to warm you up when you’re in the rain; such fabric would only get wet and soggy, and they won’t be effective for maintaining body temperature. So, remember to pack your woolen fabric and waterproof coats. 

5: Wear Waterproof Shoes

A pair of waterproof shoes will serve you greatly when you’re out camping in the rain. A choice of shoes that aren’t waterproof would be a huge mistake. 

You need to understand that you cannot have a nice time while hiking, jogging, or simply walking along rainy trails, if your boots are wet and soggy. Regardless of how pricey these waterproof shoes are, you should get a pair. 

6: Hangs Lights Around the Tent

There’s a darkness that comes with the rain. You don’t want your tent to look dark and gloomy under the rain clouds. This is why you should pack some nice lights that you can hang both on the inside and outside areas of the tent. 

Pack up some flashlights and extra batteries that would last you throughout your stay in camp. A brightly lit tent always gives you warmth during and after a heavy downpour. 

7: Prepare Warm Meals and Hot Tea

Nothing is better than some warmth after a heavy downpour of rain. You can add to the warmth your tent provides by eating a warm meal and sipping some hot tea. 

Remember to pack all the necessary ingredients you need to make a hot cup of tea or cocoa. Prepare some soup, if you can, or any other hot peppery dish to keep your body at the right temperature. 

8: Store Camping Equipment Carefully

Poor storage of your camping equipment and luggage can cause problems for you when it rains. It’s important that you store your property, especially those susceptible to damage by water, in a dry area. Get some plastic bags before leaving for camp. 

Plastic bags are waterproof and they can keep your property dry and safe from water. You can also keep some clothes and gear inside plastic bags. Whenever you’re wet and soaking from the rain, you can easily change into dry clothes. 

9: Use Hand Warmers

You might not have so much fun or accomplish a lot when your hands are shaking from the cold weather. This is why you need to pack some hand warmers when you’re heading out to camp. 

10: Enjoy Camping in the Rain

As long as you’re properly prepared for camping in the rain, you should have a nice time at camp. When you’ve checked the weather forecast in the local camping area, you can settle down in your tent and enjoy a warm meal and a hot cup of tea. 

When the rain has stopped, you can warm yourself around a campfire while roasting some s’mores or marshmallows. 

You can have a fun time if you prepare yourself properly. This means that you must set up your tent in the right place; where it won’t get flooded by nearby water sources during a heavy downpour. You also need to pack the right gear. Make sure that your choice of fabric is wool-based instead of cotton. 

This will ensure that your body temperature is maintained when you’re in the rain. Also warm yourself by eating warm and spicy food, and drinking some hot beverage. A campfire would also provide you with warmth. 

If you can follow the guidelines in this article, the rain won’t stop your camping fun. 


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