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10 Tips to Make a Successful Oral Presentation

10 Tips to Make a Successful Oral Presentation

Discover how to capture the maximum attention of your audience with these simple tips.

How to make effective presentations

Making an oral presentation that captures the public’s attention from beginning to end is a challenge, especially when it comes to complex or tedious issues. If you want your presentation to be successful, use these recommendations the next time you are in front of an audience.

  1. Know your audience

Before making a speech, analysewho you will be addressing and focus on them. Investigate their interests and motivations and include them, taking into account the main message, as well as the points you need to emphasise. Remember that the more you identify with the listener through their exposure to you, the greater your influence will be.

  1. Consider yourself one more in the audience

When you write the speech that will later be verbalised, place yourself in the audience’s place and think what concepts may be boring or incomprehensible. Once you distinguish them, try to explain them in an easy and entertaining way. Keep in mind that if you do not understand the message, it’s even less likely the other people will easily understand the message.

  1. Practice

A striking presentation depends, fundamentally, on the effort you put into it. Repeating your speech again and again out loud is a good way to internaliseit and reduce the risk of mistakes. In addition, practisingwill help you to look confident in front of the public.

  1. Use slides

Many times, the oral presentation requires explaining difficult to digest concepts. A slide presentation makes it possible to better assimilate the information, as it is support material for the receiver, but also for the presenter. You can summarise the core data of your speech in a PowerPointfile, or similar presentation media. Of course, if you choose to use a projector to show your slides, then ensure you have sufficient time pre-presentation to check its operation and that the angle of the projector mount will allow for optimal viewing of the slides by the attendees.

  1. Put the 10-20-30 rule into practice

This rule, created by Guy Kawasaki, implies that if you use an electronic presentation to boost the exhibition, you should not have more than 10 slides, 20 minutes in length, or more than 30 points in the length of the presentation.

  1. Start with a story

This tactic works as a hook to the rest of the presentation. It must be an entertaining story with which everyone present can identify. Capturing the interest from the beginning and introducing the main ideas in an entertaining way will help you control the presentation.

  1. Maintain eye contact

Looking directly into the eyes is the most effective way to persuade. Those who listen to you should feel that the speech was created especially for them, contemplating their needs and interests, so take the time to make eye contact with each person who attends the event.

  1. Memorise

Knowing the speech perfectly generates credibility. Hesitation plays against persuading, remember that all eyes will be on you. Reading will not only distract listeners, but it will convey the feeling that you do not understand your own message.

  1. Repeat the central message

It is important that at the end of your presentation, the main message remains clear and strong in the minds of the listeners. The verbalisedwords disappear in your articulation, therefore, to fix it, you will need to reiterate it at least three times during the presentation.

  1. Interact with your audience

Including the audience is a good strategy to maintain their attention throughout the entire time. You can use phrases like “It’s a good question”, “What do you think?”, “Excellent contribution”, to show that you are interested in their participation. Also, you will have a few extra seconds to organiseyour response.



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