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10 Ways to Improve Data Backup

10 Ways to Improve Data Backup

Data is the lifeblood of any organisation: big or small. It is for this particular reason that the management of all organisations go an extra mile to ensure that their data is secure. And you wonder why businesses are more than willing to devote efforts and resources to invest in data management solutions.

Data is at all times vulnerable to loss and risk. What that means is that your business may also be at a higher risk if such occurs. Theft, hardware malfunction, viruses, and natural disasters such as storms, fires, and floods are a threat to your data. Which is why you need to come up with measures that will protect your organisation from the impact of data loss.

Data backup gives you the assurance you need when you have such fears. Potent data backup will help you save money that you would have otherwise used to recover from a crisis in case you lost data. Also, it makes you reliable in the eyes of your clients, and it gives you an option of recovering your files if a crisis that you have no control over occurs.

However, note that you need to employ the best data backup practices regardless of how active the type of data backup you have applied may be. There is always some room for improvement, and you should take advantage of that to ensure that your data backup is as efficient as it could be.

Ways to revamp your data backup

1.    Deduplicate

What is meant by deduplication? It is a data compression process that is aimed at getting rid of repeating or duplicate copies of data. The catch is to reduce the amount of storage utilised. Deduplication also comes in handy when it comes to network data transfer; it reduces the number of bytes that should be transferred, hence the bandwidth to be used in the process. Additionally, virtual desktops and servers benefit, in that, deduplication allows supposed different files of the virtual servers or desktop to be merged into a single storage space.

2.    The cloud

The cloud is the most preferred type of data backup and one that is perceived to be most effective. Which is correct, the security is top-notch, and it allows remote access: this is just but a few of the benefits attributed to cloud storage.

Make use of the cloud to get infinite storage space: you can store as much data as you want but you only get to pay for the area you use. Note that you will not have to deal with hardware and software issues and the recovery of data is easy and quick.

3.    Incremental and differential backup

Understanding how the two backup methods work will help you understand when and why you will need to do them. Incremental backup will take you the least time as it only does back up of any changes made since the last backup, the disadvantage is that the recovery time is longer. A differential backup, on the other hand, will back up all the files that have been changed since the last full backup. The perk is that it will take you a short while to do a restore, but then it might eat up much of your space.

4.    Compression

During compression, fewer bits are used to encode the data in comparison to the original representation. Why do you need to have your backup data compression? You will save a lot of resources that you would have otherwise used in transmitting and storing your backup. By employing lossless compression, you will lose no data, and you will be able to save on storage space.

5.    Backup management

You need backup management. What does it entail? It includes all the practices aimed at managing your data (as the name suggests) after you have done a backup. The activities include the elimination of obsolete data, conducting checks to affirm the validity of data, viewing the details of your backup and repository cross-checking to mention a few.

6.    Virtual tape libraries

Use of tapes are among the traditional methods of data backup: and you can count on conventional methods of operations to be slow. However, if your system is solely designed to use tapes, you can use virtual tape libraries to integrate storage and make the restore processes faster.

7.    Virtualization

Virtualization is the future of data backup for SMBs. The main advantage being the fact that it offers you a hassle-free recovery and smooth migration to the cloud. It also reduces the cost for data backup by significantly reducing the hardware used: hardware is costly. Last but not least, you are not stuck with one particular vendor as the virtual systems do not emphasise using a specific device. Virtualization gives you infinite possibilities when it comes to data backup.

8.    Distributed backup

Distributed backup is the easiest way to backup network computers. Also, the joint disk space provides you with so much space that you probably cannot find in any market. It will allow you to cut on costs associated with the acquisition of storage. Additionally, the architecture will enable you to restore data quickly and free of interruptions as opposed to traditional methods of data storage in link with disks.

9.    Data warehousing

Data warehousing is all about providing an expansive view of data over an extended period. It could be helpful mostly if you want to get a deep insight into the performance of your organisation. Data warehousing will do the analytical work for you and aid you in identifying opportunities for your business and boost your organisation’s productivity.

10.    High-speed networks

Investing in high-speed networks is essential to data backup and recovery. A slow network will hinder productivity and slow down operations as a result of files taking too long to be restored. Note that it will also cost you a significant amount of time to do complete backups which might cause some of your data to get lost or miss the backup in the process

It is vital that you realise the mentioned points to ensure that your data backup is effective and efficient.

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