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13 Movie One Piece has Debuted: Every Movie is a Super Product!

13 Movie One Piece has Debuted: Every Movie is a Super Product!

One Piece is one of the extremely popular animated films for young people. It can be said, One Piece is a classic movie. From 2000 to 2018, 13 episodes of One Piece were released. Do you remember which are episodes? Join us in reviewing these 13 episodes!

One Piece is a good animated film and is directed by a well-known production team. There are so many fans waiting for the One Piece episodes to be born. From 2000 to 2018, this animated film has been released 13 parts. In addition to the 8th episode and the 9th episode, each episode has improved in content and image quality. Before welcoming the next part, let’s review the 13 movies One Piece once broadcast before.

One Piece: The Movie

One Piece: The Movie is produced based on the context of Arc Village Syrup (Usopp Debut), before Arc Baratie. The content of this part is mainly about a person who holds 1/3 of the world’s gold. This character hides gold in an island. After this confidential information was published, this amount of gold was the target of many pirates. In the movie, the main character is a young pirate named Monkey D. Luffy. The discovery of the treasure caused Monkey D. Luffy to become the pirate king. In this part, Luffy was starved to death and another character wanted to stealth his treasure. While searching for the treasure, Luffy’s group meets Tabio, who is captured by a pirate called El Drago. El Drago is also looking for that mysterious treasure.

The first part of the movie has started the next series of One Piece Tube

Clockwork Island Adventure

Following the content of Part 1 One Piece, Part 2 One Piece has the main content related to the process of finding treasure of a series of new fleets. The new fleets that appear in this section are MR, Trump. The characters who appear and participate in Part 2 of the movie One Piece are Merry, Captain Bear King, Nami…

The battles between fleets always make viewers feel attractive. The episodes of this section have attracted many viewers.

The number of fans of this movie also increased rapidly

Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals

In part 3, One Piece makes viewers unable to take their eyes off the screen because of the battle for finding mysterious treasure. The fleet is approaching the huge treasure. After overcoming many challenges, fleets reached the Crown Island and continued to fight. In this part, Chopper – A new character is lost and suddenly becomes the king of that island.

Dead End Adventure

Dead End Adventure has equally interesting content compared to other parts of this animation. In part 4 of the movie One Piece, due to out of money, BMR have to participate in the exciting race. This race is a secret between Pirate team, called Dead End Competition. Here, all privates must fight against the very strong, like the new pirate captain – Captain Gasparde.

Dead End Adventure is the fourth part of the entire One Piece film series

The Cursed Holy Sword

The journey to find treasure is no longer simply finding treasure. Now, every journey to find treasure has been mixed with fierce battles of fleets. The evolution of part 5 was mainly on Asuka island. On this island, BMR is looking for Shichiseiken – the world’s most beautiful and valuable sword, even though it contains a scary curse.

However, when the fleet returned to the ship, they figured that Zoro – who was in charge of the ship, was lost. However, the fleet was unable to search for Zoro right away due to the ambush of the Navy and they had to sail immediately. When the boat has docked at another place, the group enters a village where the Seven Stars sword is sealed. The group is attacked again by the Navy and strangely Zoro appeared in the navy.

The secrets of series One Piece have been revealed

Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (March 5, 2005)

Part 6 of the One Piece animation movie has the main content about Luffy character. After receiving a mysterious invitation from Omatsuri Island, Luffy’s group was unable to refuse. When he came here, the landlord had a trial and Luffy immediately agreed, but he suspected that these were hellish challenges that made him lose each member. Luffy will have to think of a way to handle this.

The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle

In part 7 of the One Piece animation film, the producer is set in front of the Water 7 Arc. At that time, BMR picked up the treasure from a shipwreck. Open BMR’s box and see an old lady. Nami was disappointed and proved extremely scary. When old lady saw Nami, she revealed that if Nami took her back to her home, she would give a large treasure to Nami.

On the island – This old lady’s house is full of interesting inventions and surreal mysteries

Episode of Alabasta and Episode of Chopper Plus

In 13 part of One Piece, Episode of Alabasta and Episode of Chopper Plus are the two most poor episodes. In these two parts, the producers created animated effects like Manganese/Anime and many fans reacted negatively to these two parts. While the content of Part 8 – Episode of Alabasta is primarily about the process of BMR going to Alabasta and fighting Crocodile, the content of Part 9 – Episode of Chopper Plus is the story of Chopper from the beginning until he joins BMR.

One Piece Film: Strong World (12/12/2009)

One Piece: Strong World is the best movie of the entire broadcast time. This is an important milestone for the One Piece Movie series because since this episode Oda has officially participated in the film production process.

In addition, when watching movies, you will be given a special Vol.0 book

Movie content is quite familiar. The story begins with the character Golden Leo – Shiki. Shiki is a great pirate comparable to Roger – the Pirate King. Throughout his life, Shiki always likes to do great and scary things. Shiki and Roger have experienced many horrific matches before Roger surrendered to the navy. When he found that Roger was arrested, Shiki is extremely angry and thinks that only he can kill Roger. In anger, Shiki went to the naval base alone, killing countless soldiers to find Roger.

Here, Shiki met Garp – Luffy’s grandfather, the legendary vice Admiral of the navy and Sengokou – who became the dominant Admiral of the entire naval force later. However, that’s just a story 20 years ago.

20 years later everything happened in a completely different direction

One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase

Straw Hat Chase is One Piece’s first 3D CGI movie. The film tells about the journey to find Hat Chase that Luffy loved very much. Luffy struggled to find Hat Chase so much that he got lost in the center of the Navy. This film is very short, the duration of the movie only lasts for 30 minutes.

One Piece Film: Z

The story is about a weapon that is said to be on par with the Ancient Weapon. It was taken away by a man who was both powerful and scary – Z in order to make an extremely dangerous ploy. The Navy immediately dispatched Admiral Aokiji to find Z. Luffy and the group also had to fight Z to stop this plot.

One Piece Film: Z continues to be a film led by Oda

One Piece: Gold

Of course, One Piece: Gold was still directly produced by Oda. In this film, Pirates will have to confront Gold’s Tesoro Guild – the owner of Gran Tesoro (Gran Tesoro is the world’s largest gold entertainment city).

Gran Tesoro is an independent city, bringing together hundreds of players and pirates around the world. This is a place where government cannot control it. The Tesoro Guild dominated everything, even pirates or government. Human ambition is getting bigger. The world balance of power began to change from here!

One Piece: Gold is a movie that many fans in Vietnam know because this is the first One Piece movie to be released in Vietnam

One Piece has released 13 parts. There is a special thing we want to share with you. In the summer of 2019 we will be watched the 14th One Piece animation film. This information has been officially announced recently. Fans will have to wait a little. Over 13 episodes, One Piece has become an immortal and indispensable film for the lives of many young people.


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