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14 Old New York Hotels That Still Have Style (2022)

14 Old New York Hotels That Still Have Style (2022)

If you’re a traveler who is a fan of history, then visiting New York is a must.

From street food to Starbucks opening at a million different locations, these old New York hotels are your best bet for an authentic experience. Not every hotel is worth your time and money, but most of these have been around since the 1920s and have managed to stay relevant in the city’s ever-changing landscape.

Here’s a look at some of the classic hotels that still have style – even if they’re not quite what they used to be.

Image source: Instagram, posted on November 26, 2021

1. Tudor City Hotel

This historic hotel, located in Manhattan’s heavily populated and culturally diverse Tudor City neighborhood, opened its doors for business back in the 1930s. This is one of the oldest New York hotels.

It brings you the ambiance of a bygone era where hospitality was not just simply a sense of doing good, but it was rooted in genuine care and open arms.

Located in the heart of Tudor City, the vintage accommodation is only a few blocks away from many of the city’s most popular attractions. Unwind in the hotel’s lounge with friends and family for some good conversation and a tasty cocktail, or stroll over to Morningside Park for an outdoor lunch.

Image source: Instagram, posted on August 30, 2014

2. The Sherry-Netherland Hotel

The hotel was originally built in 1927 and has been renovated and renamed many times, this time to The Sherry-Netherland Hotel. This building is a 37-story structure that was noted as the tallest apartment-hotel when it opened, reaching just over 560.01 feet (170.69 m) high.

The neo-Gothic facade of the building features a Gothic clock tower with four Italianate lanterns adorning its top and gargoyles. The front of Sherry Netherland features four griffins holding up four lanterns on a fa├žade with gilded embellishments, including the gold-plated sidewalk clock.

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3. The Refinery

In the early 1900s, a hoard of warehouses used to stand on the site of what is now known today as Greenpoint. In their place came over 100 high-rise factories and showrooms -including the Colony Arcade building.

In 1914, Winifred T. McDonald rented the Colony Arcade’s 20,000-square foot ground floor space and turned it into a tearoom for ladies and a separate restaurant for men.

Today, Winnie’s Hotel in New York occupies the original site of the famous Colony Arcade, which was built in 1912. They have kept some of the spirit and history of the original building via their renovations to take over the arcade itself.

They’ve reimagined it with the Parker & Quinn Restaurant, the trendy Refinery Rooftop bar, and live jazz at Winnie’s lobby bar.

Image source: Instagram, posted on May 12, 2022

4. The Knickerbocker

The Knickerbocker Hotel was originally opened in 1906, and it is an elegant luxury hotel. It was renovated in 2015and became one of the most luxurious hotels in New York City.

The Knickerbocker has many luxury features, including a 7,800-square-foot rooftop bar with a cigar lounge. Despite the rich history, The Knickerbocker Hotel is a modern escape, featuring 330 guest rooms and 31 suites. The restaurant and bar aren’t to be missed either.

Image source: Instagram, posted on November 1, 2021

5. The Chatwal Hotel

If you are looking for fine historical elegance with an art deco twist, look no further than The Chatwal Hotel.

Situated in Midtown NYC, The Chatwal Hotel is a landmark for many offering 29 suites and 76 guest rooms. There is a pool and a 24-hour fitness center, as well as The Red Door Spa by Elizabeth Arden. The Chatwal is the home of The Lambs Club. In fact, it was built by architect Stanford White in 1905 as a base for the club.