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15 Little-Known Cricket Facts for Die-Hard Fans

15 Little-Known Cricket Facts for Die-Hard Fans

Do you know when the English shepherds first began playing cricket, they used lump of wool as balls? Isn’t the history of cricket fascinating? Don’t you feel that history of cricket is important to know, even if you are playing online cricket games? Well, it comes as no surprise to all of us that there are plenty of interesting facts about this game. 

Can you count the number of facts you are aware of? Here are some facts for you about this world-famous sport.

Interesting Historical Facts 

  • Many of us has the notion that cricket may have its roots with shepherds of England. They devised the sport while passing their time guarding sheep.
  • There have been many cricketers whom many of us consider to be the greatest bowler in history. But, “The Wisden Cricketer”, the English magazine has awarded this title to Murali Muralitharan of Sri Lanka.
  • This longest cricket match in its history was played in 1939 between The Proteas and English. This match lasted for 14 days and even after two weeks the game wasn’t over. England needed 42 more runs to win. However, the match had to be declared a draw as England’s ship back home was due to leave the next day.
  • The first ever recorded game of cricket took place in the year 1646. The sport became so popular that eventually those who missed church in order to play had been imposed with fines.

Interesting Facts about Cricket Equipment

  • A cricket bat typically weighs between 2 and 3 pounds and is made usually from willow wood. This wood is famous for its lightness and toughness.
  • Cricket bats are made of three parts: the grip, the handle and the blade. Players use the blade to strike the ball.
  • New cricket bats should be brushed with linseed oil This makes the bat shrink, resulting in a harder hitting surface.
  • Cricket balls have a center of layered cork. This layered cork is then wrapped in string and covered with a leather outer layer.
  • A cricket ball weighs almost 5 ½ ounces.

Facts About Cricket Around the World

  • Bert Sutcliffe, who is one of the greatest batsmen in New Zealand, is exceptionally unlucky. Even though he played 42 tests between 1949 and 1965, he never won a match. The New Zealand team did have a few wins during this time, however whenever they won a match, Sutcliffe had missed it!
  • Cricket was the first game played in America using a bat and ball. The sport was popular in US between 1834 and 1914. There were more than 1000 cricket clubs across 46 US states.
  • John Traicos has a particular distinction in the world of cricket. He was born in Egypt but played Test cricket for Zimbabwe and South Africa. Did you know that? We bet not!

Facts About Legends of Cricket

  • Birthday of cricket legend Alec Stewart’s is on 8th April 1963 i.e. 8/4/63. And coincidently he had scored 8463 test runs in his career.
  • Kenyan cricketer Asif Karim is not just a world class cricketer, he also played tennis for his country in the Davis Cup.
  • In 2010, Peter Siddle of Australia is the only bowler in international cricket to have taken a hat-trick on his birthday which is 25 November.
  • The only cricketer to ever have been hanged for murder is Leslie Hylton of West Indies.

How many of these facts are known to you? At the start of the post I have mentioned that history is important to know. But why? Being aware of the roots or you can say the origins can help us understanding the game better. On this context, I will mention that if you are watching a cricket match from the stadium or playing fantasy cricket games on popular platforms like, these facts will help you indirectly someday to win matches. 

Happy reading 😊


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