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15 Secrets on How to Age Well

15 Secrets on How to Age Well

Most people don’t mind getting old. The problem isn’t longevity. What you want to know is how to age well. 

Aging shouldn’t be something you run away from. You shouldn’t waste your retirement savings on anti-aging creams.

The secrets to aging well are practiced all over the world. You need to listen to the science of how to live your fullest, happiest life.

Aging can be a beautiful process. Check out the tricks and tips that make yourself even more cheerful as you get wrinkles.

1. Eating a Healthy Diet 

Eating a healthy diet needs to be a practice you follow throughout your life. Everyone talks about “superfoods” that are the magical answer to anti-aging. But, the truth is that eating a healthy and balanced diet is enough.

You could follow the Mediterranean diet. This has been demonstrated to improve your heart health, keep your brain functioning and allow you to live longer.

This simply includes eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, olive oil and lots of oily fish. Avoid so much red meat.

There is strong evidence that skipping proceed meat and red meat altogether could help you age better. That means no more hot dogs and beef burgers.

Vegetarians live longer on average. Just make sure you get enough protein, iron, and B12 by packing your diet with lentils and beans.

2. Stay Physically Active 

According to the CDC, over 80 percent of Americans don’t get the recommended amount of exercise.

You should be getting at least 2.5 hours per week of moderate exercise. That would include anything from cycling to swimming. Alternatively, you could get one hour and 15 minutes of intensive exercise, such as running or aerobics. 

However, staying fit and healthy as your body ages is also about living a physically active lifestyle as well as exercising. When you need to get somewhere, you walk, jog or cycle rather than take the car or public transport.

You need to avoid spending endless hours watching television and sitting down. Anything you can do to get your body moving is a bonus.

Even if that’s gardening in your backyard, cooking in your kitchen or fetching groceries from the store. Anything to give yourself a workout!

3. Keep an Optimistic Attitude 

It’s not how old you are, it’s how old you feel, as the old saying goes.

You need to keep a positive attitude if you want to age well. Nobody ever aged well who was miserable and down all of the time.

Think about your attitude toward aging. If you think it’s “no big deal”, you’ll probably age better anyway. That’s what science shows us. 

You’re always going to face challenges at some stage in your life. But, by staying optimistic and cheerful even in tough times, your rosy outlook will stand you in good stead.

Older people get quite a lot of negative press – from scrutiny about always talking about the past to looking wrinkly and old. 

You should dismiss any of these stereotypes of getting older. Just focus on what you’re grateful for in life instead.

Sticking to the present also helps. Don’t allow yourself to harp back to the past constantly. 

4. Establish Strong Social Relationships

One in three seniors is lonely. Whether young or old, lonely people are more likely to lead unhealthy lives and die earlier as a result.

If you don’t surround yourself with people, you’re much more likely to develop a range of health conditions, including depression and dementia.

If you want to age well, then you need other people to share your life with. This starts with a loving and caring family.

But, you should also focus on having lots of strong relationships with friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Whatever happens in your life, having people around you who love you and you love them will always contribute to having a happier life.

That’s why it’s important to keep in touch with people. Pick the phone and give your friends a call once in a while.

5. Spend Time in the Great Outdoors 

According to one recent study, up to 90 percent of people spend over 22 hours indoors every day. This is far too many hours trapped inside four-walls.

If you want to age well, you need to spend more time outdoors. People who have access to the natural world are much more likely to age happier and healthier.

Wherever you live, you need to make sure you get out there. One important reason is to get enough vitamin D to keep yourself healthy and strong.

Vitamin D is derived from the sunshine. But, it’s crucial to keeping a healthy immune system and preventing numerous unhealthy diseases.

Apparently, you need up to twenty minutes of sun per day. That’s simply a walk in the park or a quick session in the garden.

However, there is also such a thing as too much sun. You need to ensure that you apply sun protection to avoid too much exposure to sun rays.

6. Practice Mindful Meditation Regularly

More Americans are practicing meditation than ever before. The ancient practice of meditation has become mainstream. 

Nearly 15% of Americans say that they have meditated in the past year. The evidence clearly shows that mediation is key to a happy and healthy long life.

You can combat everything from the stresses of daily life to risks of cancer with meditation. 

But, you can’t simply do mindfulness every time you feel a little down. Meditation needs to become part of your daily routine.

Just as you would brush your teeth every day. You should also find the time to practice meditation regularly.

7. Throw Yourself Into Your Work

There have been a number of studies that show that retirement kills you. You may think that finishing work in your 50s is the dream.

However, remember that retiring early isn’t always the best thing for you. In fact, it’s much better to embrace your working life.

When you retire, everything slows down. It shouldn’t slow down so much that everything in your life stops.

It’s much better to enjoy a fulfilling working life in which has a sense of purpose. Even if you finish work, you shouldn’t see this as stopping everything.

You could throw yourself into volunteering or a fresh entrepreneurial enterprise. Staying engaged with the world is really important as you get older.

8. Pursue a Variety of Hobbies

If you want to be happy as you get older, then you need to pursue a variety of hobbies. Surveys have found that people who have the opportunity to live creatively are happier than the rest of us.

It doesn’t really matter which hobbies you do. Just make sure they keep your mind and body challenged.

Many older people play golf. One study discovered that golfers live up to five years longer than the rest of the population. Spending your weekends with friends walking outside is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy in later life.

9. Start Lifting Weights

If you want to stay healthy, you shouldn’t merely focus on cardiovascular workouts. Of course, going for a run is always great for you.

But, you should also strengthen your muscles and bones. As you get older, these will naturally weaken. 

Get off the treadmill and start pumping weights. You don’t need to become a bodybuilder. But, ensuring your muscles get a proper workout is essential. 

Remember to make sure you down strain yourself either. Eating plenty of calories to give yourself enough energy is also vital. 

10. Shed a Few Pounds 

If you’re overweight, you might think that losing weight would make you happier. Actually, there is plenty of evidence that says this isn’t always true.

Nevertheless, if you want to age better, it would help to shed a few pounds. This will significantly reduce your risk of developing a number of health problems.

Just give yourself little goals. Can you lose a pound this week? That’s a pretty achievable goal that you know you can manage.

11. Remember to Take Your Meds 

Up to 30 percent of medication prescriptions are never taken.

That’s not only a giant waste of money and resources. But, it’s also probably not good for your health as you get older. Especially since over half of the medications are for chronic diseases.

Sometimes, people simply don’t complete the dosage their doctor recommended. This is estimated to result in over 125,000 death every year. 

If you go visit your doctor, make sure to follow the instructions they give you. Otherwise, what’s the point anyways?

12. Limit Cigarettes, Drugs and Alcohol 

You probably don’t need anyone to tell you that smoking cigarettes, taking drugs and heaving alcohol drinking is a no-no.

If you’re determined to live a happy and healthy long life, then avoiding consuming these substances is definitely ill-advised.

Every cigarette you smoke shaves around 11 minutes off your day. If you’re a twenty-a-day smoker, then this is a serious number of years lost.

Any class-A drugs should also be avoided whenever possible. While alcohol should be kept to a minimum.

Even if you just enjoy social drinking, this can reduce your life expectancy. Drinking a beer every day is practically the same as smoking.

13. Get Your Finances in Order

Up to half of Americans over the age of 55 years old don’t have a will. You need to plan for your future now!

As you get older, financial troubles can cause you to get stressed and worried about your uncertain future.

It’s not always easy to take back control of your personal finances when you’re getting on a bit.

Therefore, it’s important to put everything in place for your retirement and death while you’re in a sound body and mind.

This includes everything from organizing your mortgage to picking cremation urns. You don’t want to leave these things to your kids.

14. Adopt a Pet Dog 

Having a dog is a joyful thing in life. 

If you want to stay youthful in old age, then getting a pet pooch is a great tactic. You’ll get to receive the good vibes of your cheerful furry friend.

But, also dogs are great to motivate you to get out of the house and go for a walk.  Your risk of death is reduced by over 20 percent by simply owning a pet dog.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about which kind of pet you want to adopt. Look no further than man’s best friend.

15. Laugh More 

The old cliche that you should “live, laugh and love” is absolutely true. But, people forget that laughing actually is great for your health.

People always say that they look for a good sense of humor in other people. But, that’s not the same as simply having a giggle.

Laughing at things all of the time is great for your health. Whenever you’re feeling gloomy, turn on YouTube videos on cats in baskets or puppies learning to walk.

Want to Know More About How to Age Well?

You don’t just want to live forever. The secrets behind living a long time are the same as learning how to live well.

The answers to how to age well are apparent for everyone to see. It’s just the challenge of keeping them up that’s a problem for many.

From staying physically active to get your finances in order, follow our tips to live a happier and healthier life for longer.

Do you want to discover more blog posts about how to age better? Check out everything you need to know here!


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