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17 Business and Leadership Books To help MBA Students Succeed in Business

17 Business and Leadership Books To help MBA Students Succeed in Business

Business and leadership books provide a great way to learn how you can succeed in business. Unlike taking a special course, reading these books will help you to consume lots of research in a very short period. Most importantly, it is the best way to enhance your business skills. 

While that is true, there comes one challenge. There are thousands of business and leadership books currently in the market and more to come. If for example, you do a search for business & leadership books on Google, you will receive hundreds of results. 

Alternatively, you can search in Amazon and you will receive over 2 million results. So that method does not help you either. Unless you have lots of time to go through all those results. 

Well, we did exactly that! We have compiled 17 business and leadership books that every MBA student should read to succeed in business.

1. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

We recommend this book as it teaches the essentials of managing a new business. These essentials include continuous and fast learning through experimentation and tests. Eric, the author, introduces the idea of validating learning. 

It is based on carrying out continuous experimentations that are monitoring from the beginning. You can then fine-tune or adjust your actions and direction depending on your findings. 

The Lean Startup book provides every entrepreneur a strategy to constantly improve, adapt and test depending on a scientific approach.

2. Delivering Happiness: A Path To Profits, Passion, And Purpose – By Tony Hsieh

The Zappos visionary CEO describes how to focus on corporate culture can result in unprecedented success. His description involves making customer service your entire business – not only one department.

Also, focus on business culture as your number 1 priority. Apply the science of happiness to manage a business. Similarly, help your employees when starting and growing both professionally and personally. Aim at changing the world whilst making money. 

3. How to Understand, Communicate, and Control Uncertainty Through Graphical Display – by Howard Wainer

Though currently retired, Howard was a previous Lecturer at the Wharton Business School. His book gives a future perspective of a business world as well as its uncertainties. The world we live in has lots of uncertainties. 

Our grasp is to take measures. This book explains a visual highlight of how you can measure the future needs. It further elaborates how to use graphs to predict the future of a business and its outcomes.

4. The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited: Real-life lessons in Word-of-Mouth Marketing – by Emanual Rosen

This book is a must-read for every MBA student who desires to have their products/services in the sports light. It teaches the significance of word-of-mouth marketing. 

5. The Wisdom of Crowds – by James Surowiecki

The book teaches the necessity of using ideas from large groups. These ideas are more concrete and provide solutions that nurture innovation. The author further elaborates the effects of politics, culture, history, behavioral economics and human psychology in the business world.

6. Capitalism and Freedom – by Milton Friedman

This book explains how you can use capitalism as a tool to gain economic freedom whilst enjoying the benefits of political freedom. Friedman elaborates how you can benefit from your government without threatening your personal freedom.

7. Information Rules: A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy – by Carl Shapiro, and Hal R. Varian

The book teaches the importance of economic concepts in an IT business. For you to maintain and develop effective strategies, you must have a clear understanding of the economies of IT.

8. How to Win Friends and Influence People

The book teaches how to interact with customers to become a great salesman. You can apply the knowledge when handling demanding consumers and you will win them over.

9. Good to Great – by Jim Collins

The book points out the reasons some companies succeed in the transition from good to a great job while others fail. In particular, Collins points out the myths companies depend on to succeed.

10. Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die – by Chip & Dan Heat

The book provides guidelines on how you can successfully communicate with customers. It outlines specific principles that make an idea sticky when interacting with clients’’ memory, self-motivation and emotions. 

11. The Hard Thing About Hard Things – by Ben Horowitz

The book outlines the challenges that you might face when operating a business. This includes several strategies of gaining an investor’s attention, employee layoffs and gaining loyalty by customers and employee.

12. Thinking, Fast, and Slow – by Daniel Kahneman

The book teaches you how human intuition functions as a way to have an advantage of persuasion. According to Daniel, there are 2 systems that make us think the way we do. System 1 involves being fast, automatic, and emotions. It makes us have feelings and impressions. The second system involves rational thinking. Though slow, it is systematic and makes us think logically.

13. Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable – by Seth Godin

The author elaborates the necessity of producing eye-catching and unique items to your target market. JetBlue and Apple are some of the companies that have branded their products in highly noticeable styles. 

14. The Innovator’s Dilemma – by Clayton M. Christensen

Clayton explains the need to adopt technology and how it contributes to the success of a business. The book emphasizes that most businesses fail because they don’t embrace change in such a dynamic world. Companies also fail because they keep similar practices yet expect different results. 

15. The 4-Hour Workweek – by Timothy Ferris

Timothy provides guidelines on how you can be a location independent businessperson yet live a luxurious lifestyle. 

16. Give And Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success – By Adam Grant

The book teaches how to create a collaborative environment in business. It states that your mutual success depends on how great you create partnerships, engage with others and build teams. 

17. Great By Choice: Uncertainty,Chaos, and Luck-Why SomeThrive DespiteThem All – By Jim Collins

Jim analyses businesses that have succeeded despite all odds. He concentrates on the intentional decisions these businesses made to help them become the most successful people in the world. 

These are some of the best business and leadership books for every MBA student. The information in these business books will surely help you succeed in the world of business. 

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