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2019 Technology Workspace trends

2019 Technology Workspace trends

Technology has continued to advance remarkably each year, so it is no surprise that workplaces are evolving. This has resulted in offices being more enjoyable and flexible, whilst also being as efficient as ever. This certainly means it is exciting times and gives businesses a great opportunity to progress. So what are some of the technological trends in 2019 that could have an impact on your workplace? 

  • Connecting buildings to increase productivity further

Modern workspaces are being built in order to enable for the continued increase of productivity amongst the workforce. This means creating maximum mobility, which can be done through connecting buildings with a Truedor door for example. This can mean that employees are able to work anywhere in a building, which can further give a positive impact on their productivity, with nice meeting rooms and lounges available.

  • Email?

Continuing with the times means improving means of communication. This is leading to less use of e-mail amongst workforces. This is due to the new and advanced applications such as Slack, which are becoming more and more popular as creating a means of effective and efficient communication in an office.

  • Creating Smart spaces

‘Smart homes’ are becoming more and more popular and this is a similar niche that is expected to move into workspaces. This will be through Smart internet of things (IOT), in order to help with efficiency. This is through personalised lighting and heating, and an automatic system to show unused meeting rooms for example. This is also going to help to make the overall day to day activities more efficient. 

There are now sensors that can track noise, light levels and temperature, so companies can see which is best to create the perfect working environment for staff. This has a very positive effect on staff, and is just another key example of how this technology is likely to grow in popularity over 2019.

  • AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to advance and are going to benefit virtually any business in the future. AI is already being used in many workspaces, such as through helping to design the ‘perfect’ office layout for staff. This is through computer modelling.

  • Wellness Tech

The final trend that is set to grow is Wellness tech, amongst the workforce. Health monitors are becoming more and more popular as a means of tracking your daily activities and progress. It is a similar process with these as they are aimed at altering behaviours, to help improve staff behaviour in the office. The sensors can help monitor stress levels, whilst also telling you to have a rest for both your eyes and mind. They can also help with the ever growing rise of back issues amongst office workers, in helping to correct poor posture. These are likely to be something that increases in popularity in both 2019 and the coming years.


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