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2020 Horoscope – Free Astrology Year Report




 Many life lessons bringing spiritual strengths were presented in 2019 and now you are ready to get externally active. This year starts with a strong thrust with internal motivation, although there are obstacles to consider. You aim for more productivity, and you have a dedication to apply what you have learned, thus improving the quality of your life, home, and relationships. In January and February the tension may be very high because you want to accomplish so much.

Don’t push too hard. Friendships have changed and new friendships are developing bringing greater enthusiasm and innovative ideas from sharing. Previously delayed business and finances reach a result in the early months of this year. Productivity and earning power hold the primary focus in February and March.

Be very deliberate and cautious when dealing with contracts, money and other resources. The goal is to build a solid foundation to better support yourself and your loved ones. The Spring Equinox begins a potent new cycle late March. The Eclipse cycles in April and May are very powerful and regenerative for you. Relationships are reevaluated and priorities are clarified according to inner changes you make regarding your new growing values.

Relationships are complex because of diverse interests especially from April through July. Communication for delivering truthful feelings and understanding becomes the priority. Family responsibilities are of the highest concern from May through July. Anything related to emotional security and intimate relationships that you are experiencing will build to a turning point. Things will be different after the Fall Equinox. For some of you there will be a change in your marital status or new relationships with the potential for long lasting partnership. Interpersonal relationships, in business and for pleasure become the arena for constant expansion during the last three months of 2020 as Mars moves through Libra and Scorpio.

These signs of the zodiac create the field for learning about ourselves through relationships. The Eclipses in October also emphasize Aries and Libra, bringing acute awareness to the subject of the value that other people have in your life. Principles are applied in cooperation with financial gain. Make it a point to create mutually beneficial relationships. Avoid large-scale schemes in December. Gather information before you make the leap. Celebrate the holidays in a unique way. Let your sentiments be known.


The 2020 yearly horoscope predicts that the astrological cycles are generally in your favor for greater opportunities for experiencing the rewards of what you have cultivated. The harvest brings fulfillment with romantic interests, your creativity, and experiences with children, sports, entertainment, and other indulgences and pleasures. The trend for establishing creative outlet within community affairs is also heightened especially in February and March and throughout the year.

Financial investments are on the positive side during February and March. April brings some hesitation and reason to slow down while Mercury is retrograde. Perhaps there are some loose ends to complete or other matters that require introspection. The Eclipses in late April and May bring a renewal and a new dedication to your rebirth, reinforcing your ability and value on grounding the pure spirit of your essential being. You will begin on a new track socially and financially. Venus retrograde cycle also has an influence on your material world values during this same time period. Relationships will prove to be very intense, expensive, filled with quick life lessons, and give you much to review from April through June. Other people’s needs are a temptation for you to go into the provider role. Do what you do consciously, respecting boundaries, and by communicating clearly what you can and can not do. Traditional values are compared with new ideas, increasing your options for making some adjustments and changes. Family values are confirmed after some disturbances within the family structure during late May and June.

August and September confirm your goals, bringing greater reward. Recognition and honor come to you or to one of your family members during late August or September. By October the relationships you have within the work place and the environments that you habitually live and work will begin to improve, establishing more support and comfort for the immediate future.

 Work and health become more of a priority. Contractual relationships are confirmed one way or another during November. A marriage or a renewal in commitments brings fruitful outcomes. Joint financial matters and decisions are delayed with Mercury retrograde in December, but the conditions look good as long as your relationships are clean and productive.


Financial circumstances and obligations motivate you to get your life in order at the beginning of the year. Income and debt are measured and a time line for developing better circumstances will be defined. Having clear goals will help generate support. Look at the big picture, including your ideal scenes for professional advancement and for creating the home life that makes you happy. Create the structure and make the plans during January and February.

Give close attention to the above mentioned Mercury retrograde time periods. Use Mercury retrograde for reviewing, clearing, and realignment. The Spring Equinox and the Eclipse cycles from late March through May are highly significant with Mars and Venus in Gemini. What you do, say, and what connections you make with others can alter your life. During these months you bring fuel to the fire, igniting the potential for fulfilling nearly impossible tasks. Use the available energy and inspiration for your advancement.

The entire time that Venus and Mars are in Gemini will be exciting because of new experiences and new discoveries. Be cautious about self-inflicted challenges caused by scattering your energy too thin. Between the two of these planets that time period stretches from the Spring Equinox to August 7th. Late May and June bring a mixed bag of highs and lows. Connections made while Venus and Mars transits Gemini open the paths for new developments, including significant new relationships, but life lessons come along with your experiences, so use discernment. Venus retrograde cycle invites you to clarify your values and the consequences of your desires and to clean up past karmic patterns, especially during May and June.

With clear intentions, you can create consciously and improve the quality of your relationships and your business dealings during July and August, keeping close watch on financial matters. Managing what you create and cleaning things up will call for some elimination and organization during August and September. This prepares you for a very delightful and fulfilling October. The first two weeks of November are best for completing your contracts and fulfilling expectations with others. By December 21, after Mercury turns direct you will be ready to confirm new direction that involves other people for 2021.


Your ethics and newly defined way of identifying yourself based upon past experiences will provide energy with clearer intentions for actively moving on your most essential goals around the Full Moon in Cancer on January 7th. The awareness of obstacles on your path is also apparent, but the momentum to move forward is strong. You can increase your income and solidify business ideas in January and February. These plans will be observed and monitored throughout February and March. With Jupiter in Virgo you’ll choose educational methods to improve the quality of your work and your life. Practical matters are addressed with inquisitive and positive approaches for getting results. When Saturn turns direct in Cancer on March 7th you will be ready to take charge with more confidence or simply for the sake of survival.

The Spring Equinox and the Eclipses in late March and late April really emphasize the amount of responsibility you have or you feel. You’ll be ready to make a few bold moves for professional and personal achievement between late April and late July. New resources are discovered within friendships and community. Family values become your most important focus during late May through July. Pay attention to Mercury retrograde cycles, respecting the importance of waiting until the time is right to deliver information or to establish agreements. Relationships provide a mirror for you to see yourself more clearly. Past relationships that have bothered you are seen in a different light. Definition of your personal reality, your professional goals, and your closest relationships shape many years of your future.

The first 6 months of this year will lead to a resolution by the end of July. Substantial accomplishments are likely due to the effort and ingenuity you have applied. Of course, Spirit has a hand in it. Your own willingness to learn from your past experiences has provided a philosophical, spiritual, and ethical framework for making things happen. Clearing the past for greater freedom to live your truth continues to be a theme throughout this year. Family, home, real estate, and any other matters that bring security, foundation, harmony, and stability will take another leap forward in October. You may be able to afford home-improvement projects or purchase property. With steady work inspired with your ideals for your future you will accomplish a lot and will be establishing your professional and personal base for your future.


The year begins with a serious note because you want to put your long-range plans into action. Accept the reality at hand without discouragement. Define your personal goals and those you share with others. Get started to dispel the confusion that has blocked progress in the recent past. Remember to surrender ego-control and let spirit take charge. You follow. Healing is a two way process – that is giving and receiving heals wound. Honor past and present health issues through discipline applied maintaining routines. You will have a greater measurement on who will be participating with you and what the financial status is during February, especially inspired by the changes after February 21.

For some of you, career aspirations take priority while others will feel the greatest value is to cultivate and improve is marriage and other forms of partnerships. Improving your earnings, resourcefulness, and financial status influenced by relationships will occur. Fine-tune your intuition and your practicality to take advantage of the opportunities as they come forward throughout February through April. There are risks involved, but nothing like last year. Many of the goals you did not fulfill and the financial matters that have been unsettled will be partially resolved by August. In terms of relationships with friends, new relationships, social activities and networking, April through June are best. Some complications occur that reminds you that at times you need to keep to yourself. Balance between the time you spend with other people and the time you spend alone is an important target, especially during late May through June. During July and August you are eager to move beyond all obstacles, both internally and externally. Even though this is the case, quiet time for healing brings the greatest rewards. There may be some other financial challenges to resolve late August, but late September brings benefits through siblings, neighbors, or through educational experiences. Projects are more easily marketed and distributed bringing more people to support your creations during late September and October. The Eclipse cycles during October increase your ability to make significant connections in all matters related to public relations and communication. Your home and family matters take priority late October and November. Inspiration and creative endeavors regain momentum as you prepare for 2021.


The good news is that expansive Jupiter is in Virgo bringing opportunities more easily into your life. Affirm your gifts, talents, wishes and desires with gratitude. You’ll feel more optimistic than usual, and more willing to risk.

Your sense of quality, ethics, discernment, and your desire to serve will motivate you creatively with the tasks in mind for getting things done. After Mercury turns direct on January 6th, you’ll be looking for the best focus to channel your energy in a goal oriented manner. Work related issues are dealt with in an innovative manner during the early months of this year. Relationships are unpredictable as you are breaking out of old forms and habitual responses.

You are also attracting unusual people into your life and unfamiliar challenges, bringing new definitions about the purpose underlying your involvement with others. This continues with Uranus in Pisces throughout this year and maybe for seven years to follow. Friendships in distant places and educational arenas become useful resources for your development before April. Mercury retrograde during most of April gives you much to consider about your short-term goals, especially regarding educational interests and financial strategies. Professional prospects diversify and increase, bringing you options and choices throughout April and May. Dynamic changes in the way you perceive and how you are acting will surprise others. You will be involved with education, community affairs, and more actively involved with promoting your projects through information distribution in a responsible manner.

The flow follows once you make up your mind about the direction best for you with indications late June. Support systems in June and July are very important for expanding your horizons. You’ll be ready to move forward with Mars and Jupiter in Virgo during August, but Mercury will be retrograde, meaning that some delays will occur. September and October are very promising for outcomes, partnership commitments, business development, and consolidation of plans.

 The Eclipses in October indicate that changes occur related to other people, making a difference in what you choose for personal and professional direction. By mid-November your intentions will be clear. Retrograde Mercury during most of December will be unsettling, but it gives you time to reflect upon your aspirations for 2021. Give attention to your home and family. Restoration and regeneration are important.


You may be experiencing the pressure of responsibility you now have with your professional aspirations, career, or other worldly involvement. Your development is very important and there will be some form of clarification and advancement by March 7th, and late June or July. Rewards come as long as you are putting out the effort. More opportunity follows when Jupiter enters Libra by October.

 It is also very important for you to attend to your personal life and to get your home and family matters in balance. You will be making sacrifices for the highest good and for the healing that is possible within family relations. This could include relocation, extra assistance to children or help extended to your parents. The events near January 7th will provide you with some direction regarding what you want and need to accomplish this year.

Things begin to come together with more emphasis on financial matters for the sake of progress during February and March. Either increasing income or conserving resources will support your progression and financial fitness. Financial matters, especially investments in partnerships, improve during March and will be reviewed and negotiated in May. April through June add variety to your life through new connections and social activities. Be careful about restless motivations that could cause you to stray from what you value the most. We are all here to learn and experience is the best teacher but use your discernment when desire is having an impact. You’ll be expanding your knowledge, becoming more influential, which probably will include more travel.

You may feel pulled in too many directions or wearing too many hats. Focus on excellence in performance, and simplify through reducing activities that are not essential. Your public life and your professional development intensify and expand in an integrating manner from July through December. You are likely to increase your income or develop means to manage money by October or November. Personal relationships are most challenging during April-June, with serious emotional impact during late June and July, with more resolved during October and November. Each of these time periods could bring endings, beginnings, or clearer shared goals. Let your heart be the guide.


All and all this will be a fulfilling year with more support for your intentions. You have a lot on your mind and maybe too much on your plate, causing you to seek new solutions to complex problems that take up too much of your time. January 5-8 are filled with obstacles but provide perspective on business and financial matters, putting you back on track. You’ll be able to create more freedom for your social life and for your creative expression. Benefits come through special friends and affiliations with like-minded people in educational or social affairs. Your karma with matters related to your home, family life, and love relationships are high on the list in February and March.

The eclipse cycles in April and May, and then again in October have a profound influence. Identify what you want to have and what you want to eliminate. Be aware of what you choose to preserve, and what you choose to eliminate, especially in the area of people and possessions. Changes are motivated by an inner need for more freedom and fulfillment and by your growing intuition about the purpose of your life. Power struggle in partnerships and problems with communication regarding contracts, money, sexual involvement, or legal matters could take more time than you like during May and June. Everybody has their own agenda and their own ideas.

Getting others to cooperate requires dealing with feelings and moving through the opinions with consideration for what is going to work. Late June and July will bring more order and structure in support of what you and others really want and need. Attention to home and family through caring and responsibility, including fun, and maybe a vacation, will bring many rewards. Late July through September your public life and your professional life takes center stage. You’ll be getting very busy, active within your professional arena, and creative pursuits. More people take notice of what you contribute. The energy shifts in October, as you are drawn inward, toward your personal and spiritual concerns. Relationships are reviewed and brought into a deeper level of understanding and commitment through the events and through the choices you make in November, perhaps altering your life. Creative pursuits take priority, altering how to structure your time. There is business to be handled as usual in December. Use caution about what you put into motion, in protection of what you have been building that is nearest and dearest to your heart.


You’ll have a better chance at accomplishing what you want this year as long as you apply the tools you have gained through paying attention to the events and the experiences you witnessed last year. Also review your life from 1995 to see what seeds were planted then and how it relates to now. Jupiter in Virgo with Pluto in Sagittarius has a few rough edges this year, but they provide motivation for progress. The desire for getting on with what is next requires some practical considerations and discernment. By January 7 you’ll be ready to answer a few questions and put a plan in motion and be able to identify progress by early March.

Your home and family affairs are in a state of flux for the purpose of making some important changes during late February and March. Your direction comes into focus through inspiration or through competitive situations that make it essential for you to take a stand by the end of March. Stress in relationships or misunderstandings could work against your progress during April and May. Pay close attention to the nature of your relationships and the expectations that others have in March and maybe you can prevent separation and dysfunctional patterns. You have much to learn as we all do. Keep your eyes wide open. Most changes in the direction of your life will occur in June and July will be the time that you create a solid foundation for future prospects and developments. Professional and economical matters influence your choices in August and September.

Your goals will be clearer and you will be more prepared to deliver. Pay close attention to the hands of destiny during the last days of August and the first week of September. What is set in motion has the prospect for great outcomes. Focus on your career, public life, social services, and your vision for the future during September. You will find that you are attracting more people in support of your causes during the last three months of this year. Jupiter moves into Libra joined by Mars and Venus during October and November and the Eclipse cycle will enhance your involvement with groups, friends, and organizations. If you have done the work you will be promoted and acknowledged. Introspection for endings and beginnings during November and December will get you in the place to get under way with clarity and enthusiasm for a wonderful 2021.


As you enter 2020 you will get a clearer perspective on what you want and how you will fulfill your long-range goals. The energy is lined up to achieve what you want and need. You know how important it is to have your home life sanctioned, your close relationships a priority, and your career vitalized with new energy. You are ready to make significant changes after January 6th. As Saturn moves through Cancer this year, long-term relationships will continue to be of great significance, with your children, spouse, family members, and business partners.

Memories of the past become a motivation to bring healing through loving and caring. You will feel a greater responsibility to get through the obstacles that have created feelings of separation. Family relationships and marital matters will continue to be an active area of concern with constant learning as many planets move through Cancer joining Saturn through August. You have many realizations that put shape to your life for years to follow. The general report for career and finances are quite impressive. You will reach a culmination from the hard work you have done. If you are young in years, 2020 will provide the definition and structure for future career fulfillment. To counteract your serious nature, enter into your creative play side to increase the quality of your life.

March 7th brings a shift in consciousness that points you in the right direction. Financial challenges require discernment to correctly support your aims and to avoid waste of resources. Productivity requires close attention if you have dependent people in your life. Some delays in April will lead to better decisions in May. You’ll be gathering the information to put it to work from May and June. The development of all the areas of your life, including home, property, your career, and close relationships will come together during July and August.

There may be some conflicts to resolve or emotional baggage to clear, but with your intention to get things in order, everyone can gain. September and October is the turning point for business and career-oriented opportunities you are ready to launch. There are new paths to take that increase income. The people you know and people you are meeting now, as well as the connections you have with groups and within the community, all add to the foundation you have created for a more fulfilling and successful life. Be sure to take some time out for rest and relaxation during December. This prepares you for a year ahead of accomplishments motivated by your true self.


This is a rewarding year for prosperity and for continued deep internal changes and outward manifestation. Jupiter in Virgo improves your current and future financial dealings as other people willingly contribute. Funds are more easily accessed if paper work is in order. Uranus in Pisces indicates that there will be less upheaval and radical change in your identity and choice of direction, and more application of your growing intuitive awareness applied toward your finances and anything else related to the material world.

Your attitudes and values have shifted, altering the way of view life. Your spiritual orientation will increase influencing the way you make use of your existing resources and what you decide to do as a means of creating income. This year also emphasizes health, daily routines, and other nurturing practices that add support to your life. Body awareness is important. During January you are more inward, dealing with responsibilities that were previously put on the back burner. This prepares the way for implementing changes in February and March. After March 7th a project completes or the support is available allowing you to immerse yourself in your creative work. Manage available resources wisely.

Cash flow should increase as the year unfolds with some delay in April with Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Mars and Venus add to the development of a secure foundation, including roots established with home and family or regarding property development during March through May. Mystery and unpredictability come with those you attract from April through June. Getting to the bottom line regarding a friend, lover, or a connection with a group will occur by July 24. Interactions with others include emotional, mental, and spiritual exchanges, ultimately for the sake of healing the wounds that have created feelings of separation in the past.

Your love life, your passions, and your marital status are highly influenced by Venus and Mars in Leo during August and September. In October and November you’ll be focus on bringing greater balance to the personal and professional arena’s of your life through establishing clear contracts. Social life increases assisting you to deliver your products and message. Educational and community participation also becomes more of a focus. Material world improvement, more support and recognition, and creative outlet expand during November and December. Revolutionary activities continue for many of you that have been called to make a difference.


All in all this is an amazing year for expansion, greater visibility, more meaningful social activity, and more dramatic awakenings. Even if there are unexpected changes, you are getting free. You’ll be taking more risks and entering into unfamiliar territory for the adventure for the sake of liberation.

Uranus provided the jump-start last year, but now for the following seven years, Uranus will transit Pisces bringing you many out-of-the-ordinary experiences as you journey through your life. In January you have some catching up to do in terms of organization and establishing action plans. February and March bring a combination of practical activities and concerns along with inspirational motivations that add to the change and expansion of your higher senses. Reality is questioned and relationships are viewed differently.

Jupiter in Virgo plays an important role in establishing more discernment within any partnership or regarding your marital status or interest in another person. In influence is basically positive, especially in terms of attracting influential people that can assist you in your educational and career aspirations. Keep an open mind, live on the edge, be spontaneous, but stay grounded through physical and spiritual exercise. From February 21st through March 7th you’ll get a better sense of how to be responsible without getting in the way of your aspirations. Fear is overcome by courage to take the next step. Spiritual awareness increases leading you to a greater dedication. This could involve some education in the first half of the year.

On the other hand, if your domestic life and family responsibilities take priority, you’ll be very involved in those duties from May through August. Dysfunctional relationships become more apparent and you are willing and ready to make a change if necessary. Whatever the routines are that keep you engaged with others, remember that it is your growing need to exercise freedom of choice and to be independent enough to follow your own internal urges.

 Your social interactions increase in the last three months of the year. Writing, publishing, networking, and other involvement will bring new people into your life. November 11th brings a change that will take some time to assimilate. Trust the process. More dreams are fulfilled and more acknowledgment is gained for your contributions. Your reputation opens the door for a change or for your advancement.


Creative Art Inspiration for Every Star Sign 




Are you looking for a new creative outlet or source of inspiration? Try to play to the inherent strengths of your star sign and consider these ideas for future projects.


Aries are fearless and aren’t afraid to show the reality of things. For a daring and haunting piece, consider incorporating a faux skeleton, an X-ray or patient image, or an anatomy diagram to suggest the underlying connections that make us all human.


Taurus are driven and determined. They won’t hesitate to tackle difficult or intimidating projects, so go big and bold! Consider incorporating large-scale sculptures or mixed media – choose a project that will challenge you to push your limits.


Gemini draw inspiration from the coexistence of opposing ideas. Consider projects that draw attention to the dual nature of something or even projects that call out the hypocrisy of issues that are important to you.


Cancers have a remarkable ability to inspire unity and teamwork. Take on collaborative projects that involve working with others, such as performance art, large installations, or mixed-media pieces.


Leos are passionate and fiery. Choose projects that align with ideas that you care deeply about and media that can move others to experience your passion. Your inner fire will lend its unique light to anything you do.


Virgos tend to struggle with being too critical of themselves. Challenge this tendency by choosing a project that takes you outside of your comfort zone, such as working with different materials or approaching a new idea.


Libras are masters of balance, which is one of the first principles of art and design. Draw inspiration from balancing opposing ideals or showcasing overlooked balances that already exist.


Scorpios often encounter struggles – and triumph over them. Find inspiration in these struggles and in overcoming them. Alternatively, try struggling with new ideas, methods, or materials. Push old boundaries. You’ll be pleased with the outcome.


Sagittarius are goal-orientated and tend to draw inspiration from achievements – no matter how big or small. Try creating a series of smaller projects that all work under a unifying idea.


Capricorns are willing to move mountains to reach their goals. Leverage this determination and strength of will to tackle difficult projects or illusive ideas. Your unique perspectives will tell stories no one else can.


Aquarius tend to be uniquely empathetic toward the feelings and struggles of others. This can be a great source of inspiration. Try being part of collaborative projects, especially those that amplify the voices of others.


Pisces is the last sign in the astrological cycle. Pisces tend to be highly intuitive; find inspiration in projects that use this innate intuition to draw attention to details or problems that others may miss.

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It’s The Forth and Final Supermoon of 2023 What Does That Mean Astrologically?



The fourth and last supermoon, is also called the Harvest Moon, and will bless our skies September 28 and September 29. This moon will reach its full splendor at 5:57 am EST on September 29. This is the last supermoon until September 18, 2024.

This full moon happens in the first house, which means you might feel like an emotional roller coaster. Things that have been hidden come to light, reminding you that you must put yourself first.

Aires: The full moon is in your sign, so you will reap the rewards. Expect a renewed passion for goals, projects or dreams that you have set aside. It is time for them to shine.

Taurus: You need to rest and recharge, as you may feel burnt out. This time will give you the strength to heal your past, let go.

Gemini: Time to shine your light…party and be seen. Want to manifest? Now is the time. Want love? You might just find the person of your dreams.

Cancer: The timing is here for you to gain victory and turn that corner. Focus on what you want career wise and you might just get it.

Leo: Oh kitties, your advice is to be brave and step outside of your comfort zone. Travel media, legal issues can move forward if you tap into your spirituality. That is where the keys lie.

Virgo: Relationships, intimacy and finance are where your troubles and strengths lie. It is possible you might not see eye to eye or move on or you have to keep your eyes ion your bank accounts. If you break-up remember something better will be coming your way and we should always be diligent with or cash flow.

Libra: Change is coming to partnership both in business or love. If you allow it this could bring you closer or it will tear you apart. Trust your heart, open up to the possibilities in front of you. Feeling the urge to make something long-term? The potential is here for you.

Scorpio: Expect to be super busy. You will feel as if you are juggling everything, but breathe as new things are on the horizon. Make sure you take care of your health, add in some time for fitness and diet.

Sagittarius: Your heart is calling you to passion, romance and love with maybe a soulmate. If you are attached then expect a renewal of that original spark. You have a thrilling aspect especially if involved in the arts or sports.

Capricorn: Family, home or real estate, is in play. You could move, get a new roommate or make your home more your own. Parents also come into play so if you haven’t seen them in awhile, plan a visit.

Aquarius: Writing, speaking, advertising, communications, contracts all have a play in this energy. Make sure you renew your mind with quick trips as you will need them.

Pisces: Money, income and expenses. You need to focus on spending and saving. This could be a double edge sword with money coming in and unexpected money going out.

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Finally Venus is Out of Retrograde



As of  September 3, 2023, Venus in retrograde is a thing of the past. The post-shadow period will last until October 7, 2023 and may continue some of the themes from the retrograde itself. Venus has been on a six-week retrograde  that saw her backtracking. This impacted everything from romance, legal issues, to works in the process. During this time, it’s been all but impossible to get a clear read on the work and people who’re right in front of you, but that trend comes to an end as Venus resumes forward motion.

Some consider retrogrades to be a time in the shadows, but it really is a moment to look into the innermost, darkest parts of ourselves. Venus retrograde reveals what is, and always has been, lurking behind the scenes, waiting to finally be addressed in confident and unmistakable ways, because Venus is all about passion.

Venus also rules over money and finances which means that themes of worth, value, spending, and financial habits rise to be addressed. In Venus retrogrades there are opportunities to revisit relationships, invite new realities, no matter how impossible they seem.

It might take a few weeks for the cosmic love goddess to fully get back up to speed, but know that clear communication is coming your way.

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Feeling Off Kilter? Maybe The Planets Have Something to Do With It.



The planets are intent in pushing humanity forward. Every planet spends time in retrograde, but as of August 28th there are seven of them causing havoc. Here’s what you need to know so you can prepare yourself.

Until September 3, Venus is in retrograde bringing confusion and chaos into our love lives. Not a great time to start a relationship. It is however a good time to renegotiate your current relationships and redefine your boundaries.

Mercury is in retrograde until September 15. Expect miscommunications, problems in travel and technology. Remember planetary retrogrades give you the opportunity to clear out things of your life that no longer serve you.

Expect to transform in some way, until October 10, thanks Pluto is in retrograde. Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, will feel it more than others, as well as those who have these signs in their rising signs.

For those wanting a commitment of some sort, wait until November 4, as Saturn in retrograde will make this extremely difficult.

Neptune in retrograde is asking us to heal from the past until December 6.

Until December 30th, Jupiter in retrograde expects us to take smaller and more calculated risks.

The planets don’t stop in 2023. Uranus in retrograde is shaking up our lives until January 27, 2024.

Breathe, except the changes, go with the flow and know this to will pass.


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Embrace The August Super Moon



Two supermoons in the same month is a truly remarkable and rare, last occurring in January 2018 and will happen again until 2037.

The supermoon on August 1st is in Aquarius it brings extra energy with revelations, unexpected change, freedom, and profound insights, enhancing the transformative power of the Full Moon.

During this time, a collective shift is in the air, urging us to break free from old patterns that no longer serve us. We might feel a strong inner call to let go of unhealthy relationships that drain us emotionally and don’t reciprocate our love and care.

Now is the perfect opportunity to embrace your uniqueness and celebrate your individuality.

As we journey towards the next full supermoon at the end of August, we can expect profound changes to take place in our lives.

An abundance of blessings and opportunities will come out of nowhere and lead us down paths we never imagined, opening doors we never knew existed.

Embrace this time of good luck and fortune.


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