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3 Best Low-Maintenance Flooring Choices

3 Best Low-Maintenance Flooring Choices

Are you looking for the best flooring material for your home? Then consider going for any of those low-maintenance flooring materials available right now. One advantage of going for low-maintenance flooring is that its upkeep is hassle-free. You will not spend too much time and effort cleaning and maintaining it.

Low-maintenance floors are also cost-efficient since you won’t be spending a lot of money for its upkeep. This type of flooring is good for you if you have a hectic schedule and your budget is tight.

3 Most Low-Maintenance Floorings for your Home

If you have finally decided to install low-maintenance floorings for your home, then you may want to take a pick out of the following choices:

Engineered Hardwood

This low-maintenance flooring is an incredible choice if you are also after the durability of the material and its ability to last for a long time. Engineered hardwood planks are so durable that they can withstand extreme pressures, including those from excess weight, moisture, and heat.

The highly durable and strong surface prevents the buildup of dents and scratches over time. With that in mind, it does not require expensive repairs and maintenance sooner than expected. You do not also have to refinish it too often.

Moreover, engineered hardwood is dense enough that it can prevent shrinking and warping due to the extreme cold or humidity. Regular care and maintenance is also hassle-free as it just involves simple sweeping or dry-mopping of the debris once every week.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles also belong to another group of low-maintenance flooring. The strength and durability of ceramic tiles are among the major reasons why you will not have a hard time maintaining it.

The material is strong enough that it is not prone to accumulating dents and scratches. Ceramic is also water-resistant, further promoting ease in cleaning it up. The fact that it is stain-resistant and water-resistant also makes ceramic a great flooring material for bathrooms and kitchens.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

You can also choose luxury vinyl planks. One of your best choices if you intend to go for luxury vinyl is DuraLux flooring, which is perfect for you if you are into DIY. You can install it in large spaces, up to 64,000 square feet without requiring transition molding.

As for the actual luxury vinyl, a lot of homeowners are in favor of it because apart from being cost-effective, it also has the strength and stylish look of tile. It is quick and hassle-free to maintain, too.  

It is even one of those flooring materials that does not require special care. All it takes to care for it and maintain its excellent condition is to sweep it regularly. It can also resist water and stains, making it perfect for rooms prone to being spilled.

Most Important Features to Look for When Choosing a Flooring

When shopping for flooring material, you have to consider several key factors that play a huge role in its overall performance. Some of the things you have to assess in selecting the best flooring material for your home are:

Style Variation

Make your choice from the many flooring materials presently available in the market after carefully assessing the different style variations presented to you. The good news is that your choices are almost limitless. For instance, if you choose vinyl, then you will most likely be greeted with its different style variations that resemble hardwood.

You can also pick from the wide varieties of hardwood flooring, including those made from maple, birch, pine, hickory, ash, and walnut woods. The styles of flooring materials can also be distinguished based on the glosses, textures, finish, and colors used in them.

You can even pick a custom color but remember that you will most likely get that from unfinished hardwood floors. The thickness and size of flooring you need also play a major role in your choice of style. It is because you need to find the right balance between thickness and style if you want your chosen flooring to bring out an impressive look.

Ease of Installation

Check how easy it is to install the flooring before making your final choice, too. If possible, choose one that you can install yourself using the tools you have at home and based on your available time. You can also go for those flooring materials that can be installed with the help of professionals.

Just make sure that the installation process is still not complex, so the installer you hire will not spend a lot of time doing the process. Going for a flooring material, which is easy to install can also save you from paying an exorbitant amount for professional installation.


Since you are looking for a low-maintenance flooring, it is advisable to determine how easy it is to clean the flooring material you are eyeing to buy before finally investing in it. In terms of ease of cleaning and maintenance, your best choice is probably the vinyl plank.

Cleaning it up is easy as it just involves the use of a vacuum cleaner, dust mop, or sweeper to get rid of debris and dust on the surface. This material is not prone to get damaged by water, too, so deep cleaning it with a wet mop is possible. It is also easy to restore the shine and excellent condition of vinyl by applying polishes that are specifically made for the material.

Low-maintenance flooring is not that hard to find. All it takes is to do ample research and figure out which one fits your specific requirements the most. It should also fit your home and the specific room you intend to put it.

By picking a low-maintenance floor to install at home, you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. You will also have peace of mind knowing that it won’t get damaged that easily and won’t take a huge chunk of your time and effort to maintain. 

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