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3 Best Ways To Take Care of Sterling Silver Jewelry

3 Best Ways To Take Care of Sterling Silver Jewelry

If you are here today, reading this article, then it’s quite obvious that you own some sterling silver jewelry and it’s very dear to you so now you are looking for tips to take care of it. Well, if that’s the case and if you really are here for some tips then yes, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! 

Whether it’s formal tableware, jewelry or some gift item that’s engraved, if it’s made up of sterling silver, you have to take care of it and use proper maintenance tips so that it can stay in its best possible condition. Nowadays it’s easy to get name necklace made from anywhere, but the difficult part starts when you’ve been using that necklace for a month, and now you are worried about cleaning it. People usually don’t try to clean their jewelry because they fear that they’ll ruin it permanently. Well, if you also have that fear then don’t worry because our tips will help you in maintaining your sterling silver items. 

1- Know The Digits

The first thing you need to do is to know the digits of your sterling silver jewelry. Yes, you read that right! You should never buy a silver product that you aren’t even sure about. Here’s a rule of thumb that will come in handy to you. If your jewelry has a rating of .950, you need to make sure to do some consistent polishing, but if that silver that you have, has a rating of .925, it means that you don’t need much cleaning and the item you have is quite sturdy. Whatever the case is, always make sure to buy your sterling silver items from a reputable company and make sure that the silver is original. 

2- Dry Silver 

If you don’t want to watch your silver jewelry all tarnishes then the wiser thing to do is to keep it dry. It’s a common saying about silver that dry silver is always a happy silver. On the other hand, you must know that pure water never damages the silver, in fact, it’s the water, and the moisture that your jewelry is exposed to that destroys it. The unpurified water has contaminants in it, and those contaminants can run your silver jewelry. Try to avoid taking your silver jewelry in hot tubs, showers or swimming pools, etc. Keep it dry and maintain its shine for as long as you can. 

3- Proper Storage

Proper storage of sterling silver items is necessary. If you want to keep sterling silver jewelry shiny, then try to expose it to the air as minimum as possible. If you own a nightstand for your jewelry, that’s great! But if it’s sterling silver then leaving it on the bed or the nightstand isn’t a good option. It can literally wreak havoc on the items you have. Opt for proper storage and buy some plastic bags that totally block out the air once you close them. Storing your jewelry properly plays a very important role, so don’t miss out on this one. 

These are some of the best tips to keep your sterling silver jewelry all safe and protected. Use the tips we just gave above, and we assure you that it will add years to the life of your jewelry. Especially the females out there should take care of all their sterling steel items like the way we just mentioned above. These pro tips will be the best thing you will use in your life to protect your jewelry. 

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