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3 Crucial Factors for Seamless Team Collaboration

3 Crucial Factors for Seamless Team Collaboration

If you are running a business in the post-Covid era you must have already faced various issues related to cross-team collaboration. You may wonder what prevents you from getting the job done now when you use various digital platforms to make team interactions much easier?

And why decision-making is so hard despite countless meetings and emails exchanged?

The good news is that you are not the only one struggling with cross-team collaboration.

The bad news is that you haven’t identified factors that affect team collaboration, employee performance, and productivity, and your efforts to create valuable interactions between your teams have failed so far.

This may be because you tend to spend too much time on unproductive interactions like incessant video calls and team meetings rather than focusing on major factors that affect cross-team collaboration. 

Here you’ll find out how to abandon ineffective practices and focus on the decision-making process, innovation and work autonomy, and effective communication between teams to get employees back on track with tasks and projects crucial for your company’s growth.

Define Clear Responsibilities in a Decision-Making Process

Decision-making can be difficult when employees don’t fully understand their role in it. 

What does it mean to be responsible for a decision? 

Can they expect to have a deciding vote? 

Or can they veto the decision if they think their input went unnoticed?

All these questions indicate that the only way to make fast and efficient decisions is to clarify who is in charge of what in the entire process.

You can follow an example of a renewable energy company that devised 30-minute role card meetings between managers and their reports to secure transparency and accountability in decision-making. Managers use this time to explain the rights employees have in this process, clarifying their roles and responsibilities. By doing a similar thing, you’ll enable your employees to navigate the whole process much easier, and make significant effective decisions faster.

Encourage Work Autonomy and Innovation

Few businesses if any struggle with getting the routine jobs done efficiently. The problems may appear when you try to find innovative ways to tackle specific issues. Your urge to micromanage employees and control every step of the solution-seeking process may ruin their efforts to engage in their work, leaving lasting effects on their performance and outcomes. 

The good news is that advanced technology like an employee tracking system can provide you in-depth insight into employees’ activities without disrupting their workflow. By deploying a desktop monitoring tool, you’ll gain control over employees’ work on ongoing projects without having to look over their shoulders all the time.

Furthermore, you’ll decentralize the decision-making process by empowering employees to make some work-related decisions independently, boosting their confidence and satisfaction. 

Encouraging employees to be in charge of some aspects of their work can produce desirable results only if you stand by their side offering guidance and tools they need to succeed. Managers should act as coaches, providing effective training and helping employees upgrade their skills so that they can tackle challenging tasks independently. 

Once you establish this support system, find ways to measure employees’ performance and outcomes. This is where work monitoring data can be of great help. You can create detailed well-informed employee performance reports and see how training sessions affect their time efficiency and productivity. 

Strive Towards Valuable Interactions

How often do you feel that you waste time on lengthy meetings where the same materials are presented and the same topics are discussed? Or you spend most of your day jumping from one meeting to another without the chance to work on strategic or creative tasks.

Unnecessary meetings can take up most of the employees’ time and shatter their focus needed for doing meaningful work. 

This may lead to procrastination, missed deadlines, and low productivity rates.

You can prevent this from happening by making a difference between valuable and unproductive interactions. This said you should host team meetings when:

  • You need a fresh perspective on an issue you need to tackle
  • You need to share sensitive information
  • When you have enough time to present an issue and hold a constructive Q/A session afterward.

In all other cases, use email to convey your message to the team members.

Making meetings more time-efficient has become a popular trend among business leaders recently. You should consider cutting your 1-hour team weekly meetings in half, focusing on the value this interaction brings, driving employee engagement and productivity.

Cross-team collaboration in digitized workspaces can be a challenging task that requires some out-of-the-box thinking. If you want to get all your teams on the same page and working together towards a common goal, you need to make your decision-making process efficient by defining clear roles and responsibilities. 

Also, give up micromanaging as an outdated and despised business practice and allow your employees to find new more efficient ways to do their jobs, you can still be in sync with their performance and progress by using the employee tracking system.

And finally, stop wasting time on unnecessary meetings. 

Once you replace outdated practices with fresh ones and start looking at cross-team collaboration from a different, employee perspective, you can expect to see a rise in the quality outcomes and overall productivity.



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