3 Effects of Rapid Drug Detoxification

3 Effects of Rapid Drug Detoxification

Drug testing has become one of the necessary requirements for workers in many business establishments. Whether you just landed a big job or already in employment, you must a clean drug test. You may be having trouble concentrating and meeting project deadlines and one of your colleagues suggests marijuana or other drugs to increase your attention and productivity. This will be a good thing for you and you might even land a promotion. However, most of the employers have information of their employees’ doping practices. As a result, they carry out drug tests every few months.

Employees always try to outsmart their employers in urine tests. Therefore, blood tests are being adopted. You will have to take tougher steps to beat the systems. Prolonged use of some of these drugs results in metabolite accumulation in the adipose tissue. Users are forced to use rapid processes to flush the drugs and pass the drug tests.

How does the rapid detox work?

It entails pumping chemicals in your body to pluck and flush out the chemical components of the drugs used. Receptors in your brain are bonded to metabolites in opiates and nicotine using strong covalent bonds. It’s the work of the detoxifiers to forcefully detach and flush them out. Visit websites like for more details.

What are the implications of rapid drug detox?

  1. Physical Fitness

While trying to escape being caught during drug testing, users engage in extreme processes. Healthy living and the work out sessions aimed at increasing metabolism yield benefits. They keep you fit, rejuvenated and healthier. You are also encouraged to drink as much water as possible. Your skin, muscles and bones benefit, you end up with a beautiful skin, toned body and improved gait.

  1. Flushed Toxins

Normal metabolic processes release toxins to the body system. Your kidneys and liver are unable to get rid of all wastes and toxins. Engaging in the rapid drug detox process not only removes the drug metabolites that would be detected during the drug testing but also flush out all the other body wastes and toxins. Therefore, you attain a thoroughly cleansed body system.

  1. Withdrawal

The sudden weaning from drugs might make you crave for more drugs. The high dependency on the drugs will make you go back for more and your eating habits will be affected. This affects your health negatively. Withdrawal affects mental and physical health. This is why you are advised to quit habits sequentially. This way, your body is accustomed to reduced and eventually, no drugs. Sudden withdrawal can lead to excruciating pain and heart attacks that can cause death in addicts.

You may also go through diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and fatigue. Hallucinations, insomnia and headaches may result.

Other ways of drug detoxification include:

Suboxone: detox for heroin, methadone and other opiate addiction.

Cold Turkey: where users just quit using drugs. The effects are dire sometimes.

BPNEM (Biochemical Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine Medicine): it involves use of oral IV and bio-injections with nutrients and amino acids for 10 days. By the tenth day, users are neutralized of drugs and alcohol. You end up free from drug dependency and you will definitely pass your drug test.

Passing drug tests especially if the occasional use of marijuana is for beneficial reasons is crucial to keeping your job. Some cleansers work in an hour and you are assured of passing the tests and be on your way to that promotion/dream job. These processes have also proven beneficial to drug and alcohol addicts.

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Cheryl Winston is a Research Pharmacist. She works with rehab facilities to help restore to health addicts. She also works with international companies in designing better drug testing kits. Read more about new detox techniques for drug addicts and home test kits in this website

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