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3 Essential Things for a Survival Kit

3 Essential Things for a Survival Kit

If you hunt, hike, or like exploring new places around you, always include a survival kit in your backpack. It is a set of tools or things you will need in case of any emergency like losing directions and sudden injuries. Furthermore, experts consider it a mandatory kit to pack if you are planning to go to the woods or take a canoe trip, for example.

Professional hunters and hikers always have a survival kit placed at the bottom of their backpack, in either a waterproof case or a metal tin. There are ready-made survival kits you can buy; even so professionals and experts enjoy assembling their own survival tools. Here are the three main things most, if not all, professionals add to their kit.

1.    A Survival Knife

It is referred to as the most important tool for an outdoor survivor. Besides being used for self-defense against wild animals, it is beneficial in a hundred other ways such as cutting, slicing, digging, hammering, first aid, skinning, and so on. 

You can find several survival knives with different shapes and sizes, and choosing one depends on your activity and preference. Yet, the OTF knife has gained popularity among hunters because of its easy and safe usage. 

OTF is the abbreviation for “out the front,” which describes how it opens up. This knife is different than others because of its mechanism and how the knife blade slides out from the front opening. Some people also refer to it as a sliding or telescoping knife. Safety is of the utmost importance when choosing a knife, so the best otf knife will have a reliable safety mechanism, which makes it very suitable to move around with it in your pocket. Even if you accidentally hit the opening switch, it will not open.

2.    Fire Starter

Fire is an important element you will need to create for cooking, staying warm, and scaring away predators at night. You can go easy and insert in your survival kit a box of matches or a lighter, but what would you do if you ran out of matches? It is recommended to get longer and durable fire starter like a magnesium fire starter for survival situations; you do not know how long you will need the fire.

3.    Purifying Tools for Water

The human body can survive a couple of days without water; however, it will negatively affect the body and brain functions. That’s why different water purifying tools have been invented for survival situations.

If you have lost your way and there is no fresh or clean water in the area, a water purifying tool will help you survive until you find help. Water purification straws work easily by cleaning your water while you are directly drinking from a stream. Another tool is a water bottle filter, which is a bottle you fill up that has built-in filters to purify your water. 

The three tools mentioned above are the most important in your survival kit, but that will not stop you from taking along whatever else you find beneficial. To select other tools, imagine a survival situation you might be caught in while enjoying your activity, and analyze how you will stay warm, eat, a signal for help, stay safe, and deal with injuries. 


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