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3 Essential Things You Need for Sending Snail Mail

3 Essential Things You Need for Sending Snail Mail

Snail mail is a slang term that means using a postal service to send a letter to someone. The reason it’s called snail mail is to comically imply how slow it is. Before you get a few kicks out of snail mail, you’ll need to understand how it came to be, why it was important, and why it will remain important. Comparing the speed of sending a letter through the post office to the speed of sending an electronic text is easily found to be in favor of the text.

Snail mail wasn’t called snail mail a few centuries ago, decades even. It was essentially the only way to send a letter to someone, no matter the age or era. Animals were commonly used to facilitate the transportation of messages before a network of postal services were made. History lesson aside, we’ll be providing you with a few tools that are essential for a smooth snail mail process.

1-High-Quality Stamps

Without stamps, your mail is not going anywhere. Having a good set of stamps is going to be one of the most important tools you use to send snail mail. You don’t want a beautifully-crafted letter to be ruined by a distasteful stamp. You can incorporate ink or embossing in your mails to add some color variety. Some people choose to hand-carve their own stamps. You can also buy stamps that are made with dedication and artistic intent. This only shows how important stamps are to your letters. It’s always better to have a couple of sheets of stamps lying around somewhere so you don’t get stuck.

2- Pens and Markers

One of the most distinguishable things about snail mail is that you can use hand-written letters. A lot of people may opt-out of this option but they don’t realize what they’re missing when they replace it with a machine-written letter. Using a black pen, preferably a fountain pen, is quite formidable for writing your letter. Exclusively using a black pen can make your letter lose a lot of potential luster. You can add some colorful markers to your writing tools to make a radiant impact. You can also use them inside the paper letter itself or even on the envelope.

3- Unique Envelopes

When people think of snail mail, they almost instantly picture a white blank envelope. While these envelopes are the most commonly used, they aren’t the only ones available. Envelopes are usually personalized, so you’ll use have to put some of your DIY skills into this. A popular choice is wooden envelope templates that can be customized to create beautiful shapes. Your envelopes can be the first impression which impacts the recipient, so taking your time to perfect the details will pay off.

Snail mail isn’t the most practical way to send a message when time and convenience are of the essence. That doesn’t mean that snail mail doesn’t have any uses today; it only means that there are other uses for snail mail. The impact of a letter has only become stronger today when you think about the effort spent to send one.

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