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3 Great Gambling Movies You Should Watch Tonight

3 Great Gambling Movies You Should Watch Tonight

If you are a big fan of gambling, you might be wondering what world-famous gambling-inspired movies need to be watched by every true casino visitor at heart. No matter whether you are passionate about video slot casinos or are a regular visitor of Las Vegas gambling centers, we recommend you to watch at least one of the following iconic products of cinematography. These are the best gaming-inspired movies every true gambler needs to watch in a lifetime!






Ocean’s 11 (Released in 2001)

This movie has made a revolution not only on the cinematographic scene, but also in the gaming-powered world. This is your number-one choice when it comes to selecting a gambling-based movie to watch tonight. Brad Pitt and George Clooney are some of the most outstanding actors that played their part in this movie. Ocean’s 11 generated 450 million dollars in pure revenues and became the most outstanding film product of this genre (read more here). The storyline behind this legendary product of cinematography is beloved by every gambler at heart. The scene is set in Las Vegas, where a former thief released from imprisonment is targeting three gambling spots owned by a vicious businessman – The Bellagio, The MGM Grand and The Mirage. His plan is to rob these gambling venues in order to get hold of big sums of cash. Whether or not he realizes his goal is going to be seen in the very end. For now, it can be admitted that this movie has everything you need for having lots of fun and feeling intense thrill and excitement. Money, theft, big plans and of course, love affairs are all part of this movie’s plot. This is exactly why it is everyone’s favorite. We recommend you to watch it right away if you are a big fan of casinos, especially the ones that are related to risky affairs and huge wins at stake.







Casino (Released in the mid-1990s)

This is another iconic movie that is your must-have option in case you are looking for a thrilling film to watch tonight. This movie’s plot is grounded on a real-life story that can definitely be ranked as one of Scorsese’s best works of art. The major roles here are played by such movie stars as Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro among many other iconic figures. This is probably the best ever gaming-oriented movie of a classical genre to be placed at the topmost position in your list of gambling-related cinematographic products to check out. Robert De Niro in this case plays the role of a bookmaker that is persuaded to operate the local casino premises in Vegas for his gangster bosses. There is one more topical character in this movie played by Joe Pesci – a thief and murderer who poses a risk to the lives of other major characters due to his big plans and long-lived ambitions. Owing the director’s exemplary artwork and extraordinary performance of each and every actor, this movie generated over 100 million dollars in pure revenues, which means it is another great option to try out in case you are looking for something truly exciting to watch tonight.






Casino Royale (Released in 2006)

The last but not the least, we recommend you to check out the classical James Bond movie that is ranked by some as the best ever movie of this genre, which continues to be admired by the gambling-loving public. It generated nearly 600 million dollars in box offices and features exemplary performance of Eva Green and Daniel Craig (read more on Wiki). If you are a big fan of not only casinos, but also James Bond-related stories, then this movie might meet all your preferences. Casino Royale movie tells the story of a legendary 007 agent – James Bond who is sent out for another mission where he encounters an iconic poker player and a banking owner all at once. James Bond happens to take part in a couple of high-paying poker sessions, the scenes of which have long become the favorite ones among the gaming-loving audience. This movie features unexpected and mysterious turns of the storyline, which make it much more exciting and truly unforgettable, so you are likely to have lots of fun if you choose to watch this film tonight.

As such, the entire humankind is fascinated with casino-oriented entertainment due to the thrill and excitement that can be experienced during a gaming session. Gambling has long become part of the humanity’s day-to-day life, so it is not at all surprising that gambling-related movies continue to be released to the market. The above-mentioned ones are likely to leave a deep trace in your soul and could be named as the most memorable examples of casino-related movies that have ever been produced in this segment.


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