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3 Kitchen Solutions for the Most Common Office Stains

3 Kitchen Solutions for the Most Common Office Stains

There’s not a human alive who hasn’t spilt,smearedor slopped food or liquids onto their clothes or furniture.

While some dirtlike lint and dust are easy to remove with a bit of dusting or vacuuming, stains certainly require much more effort. They’re not only a pain to get out,but in office spaces they make the interiorlook unprofessional. For best results, it’s much better (not to mention convenient) to hire a commercial cleaning in London, as anyone who works in the city understands how time is of the essence. But in case you’re short of a few pounds or need something quick in a pinch, here are a few kitchen solutions for the most common stains:

  1. Ketchup

If you’ve ever enjoyed a burger and chips during lunch hour, you’ve probably also experienced smearing ketchup over your shirt or worse, the office sofa. For stains like these, you have to work immediately: get the excess ketchup off before attempting anything else. Then, blot the affected area with soap and a cold-water mixture. If some of the stains persists, mix 1 teaspoon of Ammonia with ½ cup of cold water. Blot the stain with this solution before giving it another cold rinse. Do a couple rounds until the stain has completely gone. Once it seems like the stain has gone completely, don’t touch the area until completely dry.

  1. Grease

If you’ve ever had a ketchup stain, chances are you’ve also had a grease stain. Grease stains are a bit trickier, as oil isn’t all that water-soluble. Before anything, lay a paper towel on the stain to absorb any excess grease. Press the paper towel in for a few minutes, and then sprinkle some baking soda—salt will do too—onto the stain to absorb any grease left behind. Let the baking soda sink in for a bit, just like with the paper towel.

Throw the salt or baking soda away in the trash and blot the stain with a soap and cold-water mixture like the one mentioned above. Do a couple of rounds until you’re sure the stain is 100% gone, and then let the area dry completely.

  1. Coffee or tea

Coffee and tea are probably two of the worst contenders for the “most common stain” title. How many times have you woken up just a bit too tiredin the morning, dragged yourself into your office kitchen, only to spill half your cup on your work attire after 10 minutes? Fortunately, all you have to do is mix a tablespoon of dish detergent in 2 cups of cold water and blot till the stain disappears completely—it shouldn’t take long.

With how inherently clumsy human beings are, stain removal will probably always be a part of life. While these kitchen solutions are handy, they don’t alwayswork. For the more stubborn, hard-to-remove stains, the most surefire way will stillbe a professional cleaning service.


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