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3 Last-Minute Gifts for the Friend Who Has Everything

3 Last-Minute Gifts for the Friend Who Has Everything

Some of us find ourselves scrambling right before an event to get the perfect gift. However, if your recipient is a person who seemingly already has everything they could ever need, this can be a heavy task to fulfill. For every idea that comes to mind, you find that they already own it, or they simply will not be impressed by it. This is where this list will come in handy! Take a deep breath and follow along while we go through some gift ideas for those who have it all.

1. Cold Hard Cash

For some, simply handing over money to a friend can feel thoughtless and impersonal, but if that friend already has so much, cash can be a great gift so that they may decide their gift for themselves. Many people prefer simply receiving money as a gift because they know best what they want and can pick it out for themselves.

Rather than giving the gift that you want to give, consider the gift they want to receive. If you don’t know what they want to receive, this is the next best option. There is no need to run to the store for a gift card either; you can send them money through an app like Cash App. Click to read the article to learn how to get $10 bonus cash when you sign up!

2. A Fun Experience

Just because a person has everything they need does not mean they have experienced all life has to offer! Rather than gifting them an item they may not want or use, consider an event, or experience they may cherish even more! 

When you gift an experience to them, you allow them to make new memories and possibly learn a new skill or hobby they have wanted to explore. There are so many options here to personalize the experience depending on the person’s unique interests. 

Here are some experiences to consider:

  • Concert tickets to their favorite band
  • A winery tour and tasting
  • Skydiving or other extreme sports
  • Tickets to a theme park
  • A spa treatment
  • A ticket to a sporting event
  • An art class like painting or pottery
  • A lesson in a unique hobby, like archery or ax-throwing

3. A Service They Didn’t Know They Needed

Many of us do not ever consider hiring a service we don’t need to save money, but if it was gifted to you, wouldn’t you enjoy it? We feel we can go without services such as home cleaning, car detailing, or a personal assistant but would never shy away from it if it was gifted.

When picking which kind of service to hire for your friend, consider their needs and lifestyle. Are they a busy parent who spends their weekends doing tons of cleaning? Hire them a maid service to help them tidy up and spend more time with their family. Is your friend often spending hours in their garden and mowing their lawn on their time off? Consider a gardener or landscaper to help them save time and energy and have a well-manicured lawn. 

One-time services can also be a great gift for those who don’t want to commit to making routine payments or appointments. These can be as simple as a one-time visit for car detailing and cleaning or as unique as a home visit yoga instructor. Think about what your gift recipient would need or enjoy and get a service that helps make their day easier.

Gift Giving Doesn’t Have to Be Hard!

As gift-giving season approaches, start thinking about gifts for your friend who has it all. With the ideas in this article, it doesn’t have to be hard to be the friend who gives the best gifts.


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