3 Perfect Getaways to England Without Going to London

3 Perfect Getaways to England Without Going to London

England is one of these countries that everyone wants to visit once in a lifetime. It’s capital city London generates more visitors annually than most countries of the world, yet there are so many great cities that remain hidden in its shade to be explored. Today we will present to you some great getaways that will make you fall in love with the rest of England, and possibly help you decide your next getaway destination.


The area that is Derbyshire is known for its magnificent nature and from recently exciting Derby Christmas parties. Explore a national park with rugged hills, wide valleys, mysterious hinges, and densely wooded areas. This county of the East Midlands is full of outdoor activities. Stroll through the moors and rock formations of the Peak District and make a stop in the towns of Bakewell and Buxton to try the delicious Bakewell Tart and mineral water. 

And while you’re in the area, visit Chatsworth House, where Pride and Prejudice were filmed. If you prefer an urban getaway, visit the city of Derby and climb the cathedral tower, or take a look at museums that reveal new perspectives on the role this city played in the industrial revolution and the golden age of steam. 

One of the best things that this city can provide you with is its lack of annoying and noisy tourists. Derby stands as a perfect getaway choice for anyone who seeks a calm and relaxing time with amazing party possibilities and breathtaking landscape.


The university, the casual atmosphere and the continuous trickle of festivals, artistic manifestations and cultural events shape the character of the most active city in the southwest of England. Bristol shares that alternative aesthetic of its mostly young population. And not only for being the cradle of bands as essential as Portishead or Massive Attack, which popularized the so-called Bristol sound, but also because of its own architecture echoes that rebellious and anarchic spirit. 

Long before this dynamism, Bristol was a prestigious port city with pirate traffic and the slave trade. They also say that the first British ship to the Americas departed from its dock, captained by John Cabot. Maritime stories that, now extinct and its commercial activity, sustain the heritage of Floating Harbor, which is the soul of the city: a pleasant walk among warehouses rescued from the ruins and converted into galleries and stylish restaurants, to which attractions along the way are as varied as the Aquarium and the Bristol Museum of Life.


mpossible not to include this iconic place in the north of England, calm by day and wild by night, of stormy past and flourishing present. How can we ignore his identity subordinated to the most influential band of all time? It was born between the walls of The Cavern one night before some 50 years ago. Of course, the word is about The Beatles, whose spirit still wins over this metropolis. Liverpool is, more than any other thing, the wake of their epic name, and to it, it consecrates part of its tourist activity. 

Therefore, even without being a mythomaniac, the visitor cannot escape this influence. Especially on Matthew Street, which is home to the statues of the fabulous four. If you are a football fan, it’s silly even to give you the advice to visit the famous Anfield stadium to witness in person the glory of its legendary football club. Because Liverpool sits on stepped land on the bay of the River Mersey it has an overwhelming urban landscape. It’s dominated by the twin cathedrals: The Catholic, circular and conical shape, and the Anglican, a monumental example of the neo-Gothic style. Needless to say that the Art lovers and all fans of culture will have an amazing adventure while exploring some of its rich museums and galleries.


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