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3 Pro Tips for Buying Basketball Tickets

3 Pro Tips for Buying Basketball Tickets

3 Pro Tips for Buying Basketball Tickets

The NBA lost out on $800 million in ticket sales during the 2019-20 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022, fans hoping to see their favorite players are once again filling stadiums across the nation. However, buying basketball tickets can leave a massive hole in your wallet if done unskillfully.

There are some excellent ways to snap up tickets at reduced prices. Continue reading for three great tips for buying basketball tickets.

1. Buy Your Basketball Tickets Late

You can purchase your tickets through an official site when they go on sale, sometimes months in advance. However, you can often get yourself a much better deal by simply being patient.

A premium NBA ticket can cost hundreds of dollars. However, there are many websites where basketball tickets are resold at discounted prices.

Do some research by checking your team’s trends for other upcoming basketball games, keeping an eye on ticket prices in the days leading up to the game. Observe the prices 24 hours before the game and check again a few minutes before the game begins. 

By understanding the ticket resale trends, you could get yourself a bargain in the hours leading up to the game. Visit here to see how much you can save through an NBA ticket resale site.

Although you may be more limited with seat selection and quantity of tickets, those who are more flexible can grab themselves a fantastic deal by buying their basketball tickets late.

2. You’ll Get a Better Deal on Weekday Games

Primetime weekend basketball games take place on Saturday and Sunday. On average, tickets for these two days cost significantly more on resale sites than weekday games, where you will likely find more seat availability.

Choosing to go on a Monday or Tuesday will help you score cheaper tickets in the early season games between October and December. However, it can be far more difficult for the NBA Finals to find affordable tickets, no matter what day it is.

3. The Opponent and Seat Choice Matters

The home team’s popularity and quality of play are prominent factors for ticket pricing and availability. But you also need to consider the visiting team and if they might be considered “premium opponents.” For example, ticket prices are driven up when Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors visit your arena.

If you’re happy to see any NBA game, you’ll likely be able to purchase cheap tickets when the Detroit Pistons or New Orleans Pelicans roll into town.

Your seat choice will have a big role to play in your NBA game day experience. A ticket in the back row is far from the court, but the prices are considerably cheaper. Choosing a seat behind the basket can save you money because they are also deemed less desirable.

Buying NBA Tickets Made Easy

Now you know how to buy basketball tickets. Ticket resale websites are fantastic for landing cut-price NBA tickets, but take into account the day of the week, the opponent, and your seat choice.

Go through the official ticket sellers if you want to secure specific seats or four or more tickets together.

We hope you enjoyed these tips for buying basketball tickets. Check out more of our great sports blogs before you leave us.

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