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3 Reasons To Install a Home Gym

3 Reasons To Install a Home Gym

Are you fantasizing about what it would be like to not have to get up and go to the gym everyday? If you find yourself wanting more from your gym experience, then take a look at some of the reasons why you should install a home gym.

Kill the Commute

There are so many steps you have to take when going to the gym, from loading the car with your gym bag, making sure that you don’t forget anything and then driving the five to ten minutes to the gym. And that is not even factoring in traffic.

Get More Time

You could slice out at least thirty minutes of lost gym time that is spent in the car by having your gym at home. This will be incredibly beneficial if you are already counting the exact minutes that you have to get to the gym, work out, shower and then drive to your next destination.

Workout When You Want

Procrastination because you don’t feel like leaving the house or cannot find a babysitter will also no longer be an issue. If you have little ones that cannot be left alone, then make a kids corner in your gym for them to be corralled or lay down for a nap.

When you work out at home, you also don’t have to adhere to certain gym hours or rush to make it in a certain time slot. You can work out later or enjoy that first thing in the morning workout without having to make an effort in your appearance first.

Control Your Environment

Having a home gym gives you the say in how things are run and what you have to interact with as you are working out.


Instead of listening to the same annoying pop song every day at the same time while you are working out, in a home gym you set the music. Or no music at all, it is in your control to decide. You can also install a TV to watch the news or a TV show that you never seem to have time for.

Avoid Crowds

Going to the gym in January can sometimes feel like a madhouse due to all the new members that take advantage of new year specials. Sure it is great for them, deciding to be healthy, but it can be a hassle for you because now you have to alter your schedule so that you are avoiding the busiest times at the gym.

You also do not have to worry about being shamelessly stared at or awkwardly approached by other people if you like to work out in solitude.


There are so many different machines and weights that you can choose from at the gym. However, when you are building your own home gym you are able to pick and choose which machines that you will benefit most from.

While these machines can cost a hefty price, you can take comfort knowing that you are pocketing about $30-$60 a month in fees that you would be paying to a gym, as well as that balloon payment once a year to keep your rate or membership active.

In the long run, it isn’t that expensive to pick up some adjustable dumbbells and free weights. You’ll have a lot of flexibility with these types of weights, and you can work up to adding larger machines.


Is you gym too cold or too warm while you are working out? You are able to set the temperature to your liking in a home gym. Adding fans or a space heater in the room is also no problem.

In a home gym the only person you have to answer to is yourself. And of course your partner if you have one.

Reduce the Germs

Most people are unaware of just how many germs are sitting on the equipment and in the air at your local gym. Many people pass through on a daily basis and simple equipment wipe downs aren’t enough to combat serious viruses.

Flu Season

Flu season at the gym is the worst, especially if you are aware of just how dirty the shared gym equipment can be. Even when there aren’t germs being shared, some people will not properly wipe down the equipment after they use it.

Also due to the enclosed space, even using clorox wipes won’t help you when viruses are being passed around through the air.

No Community Spaces

Another place you will cut down on germs is in the community shower and bathroom. Ditch the shower shoes and travel shampoo to lather up in your own shower at home.

Then you can get ready in your own home instead of in front of other people, all fighting to share a limited number of counter space and mirrors.

Creating your own in home gym can seem like a big step, but you don’t need to purchase it all in one day, unless you are able to. Start small, create you own space for a gym and then begin to add in the things that you would like.

This will help you create a comfortable and personalized space to help you stay healthy.



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