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3 Things to Consider Before You Renovate Your Kitchen

3 Things to Consider Before You Renovate Your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is a big challenge, unlike other rooms in your home it has the most elements with the worktops, cabinetry, lights, and plumbing. It is also a space that is used every day, and if you live with family, eating takeaway isn’t a cheap workaround. Kitchens need to be planned thoroughly beforehand to prevent idle time in between different trade work.

There are three questions you need to answer before starting the renovation. The questions help focus on the changes you want to make and ensure that you have already decided on a shortlistof materials and items. You do not want to be caught in the middle of the renovation work trying to decide between cream or eggshell.

What is the purpose of the kitchen?

The first question you want to ask is what the spacewill be in the future. While the no-braineranswer is to create a space for cooking, the kitchen is not limited to that. Are there any specific uses you want out of your kitchen? Do you bake or pickle? Do you want the space to be exclusively used for cooking or do you want to be able to eat and host parties in your kitchen as well? Who will be making use of the kitchen?

By looking at the future use of the kitchen you can determine whether you want to revise the layout, upgrade your appliance, or add any special features that could be PWD friendly,child-friendly, or elderly-friendly.

What are the elements you want to keep?

After you have assessed your needs, compare your future vision with what you currently have. This will help you see the gaps in your current design. Identify what is missing, what is serviceable, but you are unsure about keeping, and what you want to keep. Renovating your kitchen can easily become expensive, so properly determining the elements you want to keep gives you boundaries style-wise. Not everything has to change.

What are the options available for elements you want to change?

When you have established your list of must-gos, canvas the market. Check out several website sources regarding style, material, and colouroptions. When you create your short-list remember to be diverse in the price range by selecting from the high, mid, and low-tier. Keeping your renovation on a budget isn’t always about picking the cheapest option available, it is about mixing it up and identifying the areas where you are willing to compromise.

A good kitchen renovation is one where every change adds value to the overall home and added convenience. Low counters for the elderly, wide spaces for those in wheelchairs, and a worktop that can be a chopping board as well – these are big changes that make a real difference. To renovate for the sake of looks alone, while perfectly allowed, is not always a good investment because style constantly changes. Not all looks will age well and it can harm the home’s value. A perfect kitchen is a functional one; work on your renovation with that in mind.



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