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3 Things To Know About Artificial Intelligence

3 Things To Know About Artificial Intelligence

It is indeed an interesting time to be alive. For the first time in centuries, humankind find themselves in the midsts of yet another technological industrial revolution.

Since the mid 1990’s, technology has seen massive innovations in terms of connectivity, the internet, connected devices, and software.

If you go back 100 years, people couldn’t even be able to begin to comprehend the capabilities and advancements that have brought society to this point. Now humankind is on the brink of another massive technological innovation: Artificial Intelligence.

If you’ve ever used Siri or have heard of the Tesla self driving cars, both of those systems rely on narrow AI, also known as weak AI, which are designed to preform a set of predetermined tasks programmed into the system with complex algorithms.

Narrow AI is one thing, but General AI is an entirely different technology. When you think about AI, HAL in 2001 Space Odyssey or JARVIS in Iron Man may come to mind, but the Hollywood depiction does true General Al no justice.

General AI isn’t designed for a specific task, it is designed with an artificial neural network, much like the human mind, but experts across the board say General AI will accelerate far beyond human cognitive intelligence rapidly once it reaches the level of human cognition.

Here are three things you need to know about artificial intelligence:

1 – There’s No Question That AI Can Improve Our Everyday Lives

Through all the doom and gloom, AI is already showing some wonderful benefits, from predicting and detecting predispositions to specific diseases and genetic conditions better than humans and it is predicted that AI will even be able to treat these illnesses and preform surgeries.

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into vehicles is already commercially available, but on a small scale.

The more self driving cars on the road, the safer driving is said to become due to the vehicles being able to communicate with each other and improving constantly in real time.

So far, this is no excuse not to get a drivers license. For now, it is still required for drivers to pass a drivers test in order to drive, but can you imagine a world where your self driving car is required to take a drivers test instead of you?

Well, it seem’s stranger than fiction but these things are coming, and they’re coming fast. Once the event where AI surpasses human intelligence, also known as the ‘singularity’, it’s hard to say how it will benefit lives, but it is predicted that AI will overtake 50% of jobs the more and more it is implemented into everyday life.

2 – No One Truly Knows How AI Will Impact Us Over The Long Term

Truth be told, nobody is really sure how General AI will impact humankind in the long run.

Once AI excels in a task (for example AI defeating chess masters), no human will ever be able to excel in a task better than AI.

But, this leaves some serious questions to ponder, such as: is AI safe? Well, militaries all over the world developing artificial intelligence have already begun to implement AI into weapons systems, thus removing the human element from the decision process to decide who is an enemy and who’s not.

These systems have the ability to learn at rates that humans couldn’t even imagine, as it’s self programming and capable of inventing revolutionary innovations, but is it safe?  No one truly knows. Speaking of safety…

3 – There Are Major Safety Concerns With AI

There are some scary possibilities and serious implications that a self learning, super advanced, hyper intelligence bring to the table, but some of the worlds greatest minds are aware of these risks and they’re doing something about it.

Minds like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, as well as the worlds leading AI developers, have all spoken about the risks AI presents and have explicitly stated the need for oversight in AI development.

The need for oversight is vital due to the fact that AI has the potential to become much more intelligent than humans and frankly, it’s unpredictable.

AI in the hands of a rouge nation or a bad actor could lead to potentially devastating effects.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future

AI can be a hard concept to wrap your mind around. Either way, it’s improving day by day so all that can be done is to take it day by day and make sure the people in charge developing it are in control.

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