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3 Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Psychic

3 Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Psychic

If you’re looking for a psychic in Toronto, you have more than a few you can choose from. But how do you sift through all the psychics available and sort the frauds from the psychics who can really help you? There are a lot of skeptics out there. Part of the reason skeptics exist is because there are frauds out there who are just looking to get your money. If you want a psychic you can trust, here are three important things to look out for. 

Check Their Reputation

These days, we check reputations for everything. We don’t just ask our friends their opinion on local optometrists: We check Yelp to decide where to get the best coffee. Deciding on a professional psychic should be done with no less care. Ask around to see if any of your friends have spoken to psychics in the area and see what they have to say about the psychics they have seen. Check the psychic’s website, if they have one, for reviews. Google their name, and look for them on Facebook. All of these things can help you get a feel for the psychic’s reputation before you ever talk to them. 

Keep in mind that all professionals have unhappy customers. The goal is to look at the trend of what the majority of clients are saying about a psychic. If even the good reviews mention the psychic is sometimes late for sessions, you know tardiness isn’t one of their priorities. If it is one of your priorities, that’s probably not the psychic for you. 

Check Their Prices

Legitimate psychics see their work as both their business and their calling. For that reason, while they have competitive prices, they don’t have astronomical prices. Shop around and see what psychics are charging in your area. Pricing is typically done on a bell curve. Psychics on either end of the bell curve can probably be checked off of your list. 

Why? Psychics who charge too much are just in this for the money. That’s where you’ll see a lot of your scam artists, as well as psychics who are in it to drain you of your positive energy. Psychics who don’t charge enough, on the other hand, are charging lower prices for a reason. Either they lack experience or customers have had poor experiences with them. In either case, you want to stay clear. 

Check in With Yourself

Your own energy and feelings about a psychic is often a great way to judge them. If you visit a psychic and feel uncomfortable, you can cross them off your list. Visiting a psychic should feel like visiting a close friend, even if you’ve never met them before. Their environment should make you feel comfortable and at peace. Talking to them should feel like talking to a twin of the soul: they should be so in tune with you and your energy that it feels as if they could finish your sentences. 

You should also check in with yourself after a professional psychic reading to see how you feel. A good psychic will leave you with positive energy and hope for the future. If you leave a psychic feeling more tired than when you went in, they may be feeding off of your energy to help themselves rather than helping you. 

Psychics also shouldn’t give you the feeling that they’re the only ones who can help you. Psychics who talk poorly about others in their field or discourage you from seeking other types of treatment, such as therapy, are contributing to the negative energy in the universe. These psychics care more about padding their pockets than about helping you, and aren’t worth your time. 

There are a lot of good psychics in the world. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of scam artists disguised as psychics. Telling the difference between the two can feel impossible, but a little investigative work and listening to your own gut can spell the difference between finding the right psychic for you and wasting your money. 

It’s important to find a psychic you’re comfortable with. Your relationship with your psychic should be close-knit. You should be able to divulge your hopes and dreams to your psychic, and they should help you use the energy around you to achieve those hopes and dreams. If you feel uncomfortable with your psychic or out-of-sync, it’s important to listen to and explore those feelings. Your instincts are usually right! 


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