3 Things You Need To Know About Solar Roofing

3 Things You Need To Know About Solar Roofing

When asking for a quote for re-roofing, your roofing company have probably mentioned something about going eco-friendly and opting for a solar roofing. While you have probably heard about solar panels, there is a good chance that you still chose not to have it because of the costs.

For most people, solar roofing serves as a great way to save on energy bills. However, there are still people who only consider the upfront costs of installation rather than its long-term benefits.

What Is Solar Roofing?

A solar roofing system is an alternative energy source that takes advantage of the flat surface of a house’s overhead protection to collect usable energy from the sun. It composed of panels of a reflective material called photovoltaic shingles that are designed to look like a conventional roofing material such as slates and shingles.

Solar roofing can cover the entire structure or only part of it—it all depends on factors like your energy needs, the geographic location, and position of the house as well as your paying capacity for the upfront costs.

Why You Should Convert To Solar Roofing

Converting to solar roofing should be a choice you think through carefully, especially considering the numerous advantages it has over conventional roofing and traditional energy sources.

One of the most obvious benefits of solar roofs is the amount of money you’re going to save in terms of energy bills. Who doesn’t like free electricity provided by the sun? This is also the reason why experts consider solar energy to be renewable, making it a great alternative to the fossil fuels that not only cost too much but also gradually destroys our planet.

Environmentally, solar roofing also reduces the number of greenhouse gases produced by other roofing materials that trap heat from the sun. It generates zero carbon dioxide and doesn’t create any of the planet-killing waste from nuclear power plants, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

To top that off, the energy produced from solar roofing doesn’t utilize water, unlike coal power plants that need tons of it just to cool off.

Cost-wise, the use of solar panels for roofing is also subsidized by various governments, particularly several states in the U.S. So, depending on where you live, not only do you get free electricity, but you also get paid by using the renewable power source.

How Much Do Solar Roofs Cost?

Cost for materials and installation of solar roofing is not as cheap as we would’ve hoped. However, American automotive and energy giant Tesla has come up with a way to show clients the right way to compute for the net cost of this kind of overhead protection-slash-energy source.

In their sample, Tesla deducted the cost of the roof that amounted to $52,500 from the value of energy saved which is $59,900 as well as the cost of a powerwall battery set at $7,000. From there, a tax credit amounting to $14,600 was thrown into the equation which leaves with an $8,000 net savings for 30 years.

This sample was computed with the following assumptions:

  • Value of energy is based on a $.14 per kilowatt hour adjusted with an inflation of rate of 2 percent every year for 30 years;
  • Cost of the roof includes installation, materials, and removal of the previously installed roofing system;
  • Cost of the powerwall battery includes the supporting hardware, installation, and the battery unit;
  • Tax credit earned in Maryland covering the solar tiles, linked solar energy equipment, and powerwall battery; and
  • Percentage of roofing covered by solar tiles is at 50 percent.

 While Mother Earth is rooting for solar roofing because of its ecological benefits, it may also do us some good to choose it over conventional materials and power sources because of the cost efficiency it offers. What other factors would make you consider converting your overhead protection into solar roofing?


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