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3 Tips To Choose Best Whole House Water Filter

3 Tips To Choose Best Whole House Water Filter

Let’s face it, the mere idea of consuming impure water makes you wonder about all the diseases that you can get and well, it’s pretty disgusting too. So, for now, no one can deny the fact that everyone must drink purified water that is clean and good in taste. Purification is a must when it comes to drinking clean water and for that, you obviously need to install water filters in your house. Now, there are two types of water filters, first, there are the ones that are connected to different water sources separately and then there are whole house water filters that purify and clean the water at the main supply and hence you get purified water all in your house and not from just any specific tap.

Now today we are here to talk about whole house water filters because, for us, these filters are a better option as compared to the water filters for separate taps. It’s but very obvious that you should opt for the water filter that cleans all the water from your house. Now, if you are someone thinking of buying a whole house water filter then first, we’d recommend you to read whole house water filter reviews to get a clearer idea of what you want to buy.

However, if you want us to assist you more in the purchase of a whole house water filter then don’t worry because we are here for you and here are a few tips from us that might come in handy.

1- Type of whole house water filter

Every house comes with different contaminants in the water and we’d suggest you to choose your water filter after the identification of the contaminants present in your water. Now, for this, you obviously need to call a professional. For example, if the municipal service of your area controls the main source of water that flows in your house then you’d need a water filter that helps you get rid of contaminants like chlorine, iron, hardness minerals and there will be other sediments too.

2- The size of the filter you want

If your house is big then yes, you need to opt for a bigger whole house water filter so that you get increased water supply and the water doesn’t run short. Also, check the port size of the filter so that you know how many gallons can be handled by the filter every minute. Know that the ideal size of a water filter for the whole house is 4.5″x 20’.

3- Check the life of the filter

It basically depends on the type of water filter you choose but we’ll recommend you to still talk to a professional or consult the seller about the life of the whole house water filter you are buying. Just make sure to keep a check on the pressure of the water and if with the passage of time that pressure reduces, know that it’s time to replace the water filter and install a new one right away.

These are the three major tips that can help you in buying a good whole house water filter that will work great when it comes to purifying water. Also, make sure to spread awareness among your friends and family to use water filters because right now, there are a lot of people out there who are falling victim to different chronic waterborne diseases. So, if you really want your loved ones to live a longer and healthier life then suggest them to use a whole house water filter.



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