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3 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Company Culture

3 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Company Culture

As a business owner, you want to do more than provide outstanding products and services at fair prices. You want to create a positive company culture that will not only encourage your hard-working employees to stay on board with you, but also make it easier for you to recruit new team members. In addition, you wish to find creative ways to reward your team for their dedication to their work.

While you realize that bringing in pizza for lunch once a month or treating everyone to Starbucks now and then are nice gestures that are sure to be appreciated, you want to go above and beyond the usual rewards with “outside of the box” ways to commemorate your company’s unique culture.

With this goal in mind, check out the following fun ideas:

Create Entertaining Company-related Videos

Who says business videos have to be dry and boring? If you have an artistic and creative group of employees, encourage them to create funny videos using Snapchat or other social media. For example, if your team has a Samsung Galaxy Note8, they can use the S Pen that comes with the smartphone to take turns drawing each other — and you too! — and then use the sketches to put together the amusing videos. If you want to, you could turn the whole thing into a contest, with everybody voting for their fave social media videos and rewarding the winner with an afternoon off.

Introduce a Rotating Award

Another fun way to boost your company’s one-of-a-kind culture is with a rotating trophy or award that is passed around regularly from employee to employee. Instead of a typical plaque or trophy, choose a stuffed animal, figurine or maybe even a “lucky coffee mug” and give it a fun name. During a meeting, present it to one of your team members who has done an extra great job that week and let him or her keep it at their desk. Be sure include the presentation in your company’s social media posts that week. Moving forward, let that employee hand off the award to one of his or her co-workers.

Give Back Together

Volunteering together is a great way to strengthen your company’s team and promote your business culture. If you have a pretty sporty group, you could sign up for a 5K to raise money for a local charity, or you could join a local Habitat for Humanity project and do some good in your own neighborhood. If you have a number of animal lovers on your team, set up a day to volunteer at a local rescue group or shelter and groom, walk, play with and give the adoptable animals plenty of TLC. If at all possible, give your team members a paid morning or afternoon off to go volunteer together — or if everyone has diverse interests, let everyone give back to the community however they wish on the same day and then report back about it at the next meeting.

Making your company a positive place to work can be a fun and on-going project. Be on the lookout for creative ways to encourage team building, and recognize your employees for their dedication. By allowing your clever team to animate funny videos that you can post on social media, bring in a unique trophy that will move from office to office and find ways to volunteer together, your company will soon develop a well-deserved reputation for being an outstanding place to work.


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