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3 Ways Parents Can Prepare Their Teen for a Successful School Year

3 Ways Parents Can Prepare Their Teen for a Successful School Year

High school. If you could go back, would you? No matter what your high school experience was like, it was probably memorable. High school is a pivotal time in students’ lives. As a new school year approaches, prepping both your child and yourself will give everyone the tools and confidence they need to make it the amazing experience it should be.

1. Get Your High Schooler Excited to Go Back to School

One of the most exciting parts of the back-to-school season is the promise of returning to the social life: the friends, the sports, the parties. The other is prepping for it. Each new year presents the opportunity to make it what you want it to be. To be who you want to be. Help your high schooler explore the possibilities for the upcoming year with their back-to-school shopping event.

High school is the time for self-expression, experimentation and exploration. Plus, with back-to-school sales, it doesn’t have to be a wallet-emptying experience. With the best sales of the year happening on everything from shoes to hoodies, now is the perfect time to get them first-day ready without breaking the bank.

2. Settle Into a Successful Back-to-School Routine

From waking up earlier to having an organized time management system in place, you can start planning a routine that sets them up for success right now. The beginning of the school year is their opportunity to get on top of their new responsibilities. Once the school year starts to ramp up, it can feel impossible to catch up if they weren’t prepared from the get-go. From choosing a functional planner (and using it effectively), having their meals planned and prepped in advance, and protecting the time they need to keep up with their after-school work, planning will really be the key to their success, confidence and happiness throughout the year. Plus, these skills will prepare them for success long after they leave their high school behind.

3. Help Your High Schooler Define Their Goals

High school can be a defining time that will impact the opportunities your kids have for many years after. But it’s also a time to have fun. Whether you have a student who’s more socially oriented or academically minded, help introduce balance. Start conversations that set their interests and goals at the forefront of their planning so they’re empowered to start the year motivated and resilient to setbacks.

No matter what their interests are, a solid friend group, strong time management and study skills, and investments in extra-curricular activities are all vital to a healthy, successful, well-rounded high school experience and beyond. Helping your teen set goals and get clear on what they want to get out of their years here (and how they can achieve it) will give them the confidence to get anything they want out of life.

The Best Back-to-School Advice for Parents

When it comes down to it, the best back-to-school tip for parents of teens is to learn how you can support them. Help them find healthy and productive ways to manage stress and build their self-image. These are the things that will give them the confidence to navigate the high school jungle successfully, no matter what comes their way. Because at the end of the day, it’s up to them to create their own experience. We can’t hold their hands every step of the way, but we can give them the tools to figure it out for themselves.

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