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3 Ways Technology Is Changing the Face of Home Security

3 Ways Technology Is Changing the Face of Home Security

Your home is your castle, and protecting it should be a priority. Gone are the days when we could leave the back door unlocked with the neighbor keeping an eye out, because many people now stick to themselves and don’t even know who is living next door. Technology has come a long way and has changed the face of home security. With these innovations, the future could be more closely linked to an episode of the TV series “Black Mirror” than you ever thought was possible.

#1 Smarter Security Camera Systems

Security camera systems have gotten much smarter. Instead of grainy black-and-white images, you can now expect the full HD experience. Advanced wire-free systems such as the Lorex Diurnal Wire-Free Cameras are weatherproof and will allow you both local and remote monitoring. These clever cameras only record when they sense motion, ensuring you are not storing footage unnecessarily. Security camera systems now allow for two-way talking, so not only can you monitor any potential intruders, but you can check in on your children if they are home alone. Mobile connectivity is a feature to be expected, giving you peace of mind both day or night, no matter where you are in the world. Remember, even the presence of a security camera can be enough to deter a potential intruder, and this is something well worth investing in.

#2 Safer Entry Points

If you are a person who is constantly losing their keys, there is an easier way for you (but not others) to enter your home. The front door can be set up with a key code entry, eliminating the need for keys altogether. The next level to this is fingerprint entry, which is commonly seen in sci-fi movies. The benefit of using your fingerprint is you don’t have to remember yet another four-digit number. Alternatively, there is the door lock which connects to your Bluetooth to determine your presence, but this may be subject to security breaches when used incorrectly. For those who are ready to take it to the next level, an insertable microchip can be placed under the skin allowing the door to unlock with a swipe of the wrist.

For your garage, there are apps available which you can use to check whether it has been left open, and potentially allow entry for any visitors or deliveries with remote control options.

#3 Advanced Home Sensors

Your home can now be fully automated, and this includes the use of home sensors. These can be connected to automatically recognize residents while opening doors and turning on lights as required, both inside and outside the home. When you leave the premises, these sensors can be left armed, and you will be alerted via your smartphone of any irregular occurrences with video or photographic evidence. This will do much more than protect against burglaries, as more advanced systems can detect smoke and other abnormalities while contacting the relevant security company or emergency service.

Having a home which is technology savvy is quickly becoming the norm. With more advanced security camera systems at affordable prices, having clear, crisp footage could make all the difference in the unfortunate event you ever need to use them. With smart new ways to access the home and sensors to monitor what is happening indoors, take your security to the next level with this smart new technology.



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