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3 Ways To Complete Your New Year’s Fitness Challenge Without Joining A Gym

3 Ways To Complete Your New Year’s Fitness Challenge Without Joining A Gym

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get in better physical shape. And whilst committing to improving your health and fitness is a fantastic idea, many people simply put too much pressure on themselves to make huge lifestyle changes that they ultimately fail to stick to. So instead of kidding yourself that you’ll go to the gym six times a week for the next twelve months, why not choose something more manageable that you can actually commit to?

If you’d like to get a little bit healthier this year by getting more active in general, try one (or all) of the list below to get you out and about in 2020.

Walk more

Walking is a fantastic, low impact activity with signifiant physical and mental health benefits. And perhaps the best thing about walking is that it can be done anywhere, any time and at a speed and level that suits you. 

If you have a busy working and / or family life, why not make walking a part of your commute? You could walk the whole way to work or simply get off the bus or train one stop early to get a few more steps in on your way to the office? Or, if your day is always jammed packed and hectic, why not get up half and hour earlier every day and enjoy a stroll before breakfast or even take a walk during your lunch break to re-set before the afternoon rush?

If you’re retired, why not use walking as a way to get out and about to meet friends both old and new? You could join your friends for a walk around your local area or join an official walking group. You can walk in the city, along our plentiful beaches or through hundreds of different trails in our national parks.

The beauty of walking is that you don’t necessarily have to sweat or push yourself to the limit. It’s simply about being a little bit more active in your daily life.

Join a dance class

Dancing is a fabulous way to exercise without feeling like you’re exercising. With a variety of different styles to try and a number of different dance clubs in Sydney, you can get fit with everything from beginner salsa to advanced ballroom. Another great benefit of joining a social dance club or taking dance lessons in Sydney is the opportunity to meet new and likeminded people. With dancing you can have fun and make new friends whilst getting fitter, healthier, stronger and happier!

Practice yoga at home

The endless benefits of yoga have been enjoyed for thousands of years. With regular yoga practice you can become stronger, more flexible, have increased balance, feel more relaxed and have better cardiovascular health. Many people are put off yoga because they worry that they are not flexible, strong or thin enough. But yoga is actually suitable for anybody and everybody.

There are several different types of yoga and all of them can be modified to suit your needs. So whether you want something to work your muscles and make you sweat or just prefer a relaxing and meditative session, there’s a type of yoga to suit you. And if you are low on budget or simply too self-conscious to do yoga in a studio full of people, you can also practice with guidance at home. There are countless yoga free videos available on YouTube that will allow you to improve your health from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a little bit of space and as little as ten minutes of spare time.

Getting fitter and healthier doesn’t have to be about extreme transformations. In fact, it’s better to make small changes that you can stick to for the long term. So this year, instead of wasting money on a gym you’ll never use and putting pressure on yourself to lose weight or build muscle, focus your efforts on being more active by making small changes to your daily and weekly routine. 


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