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3 ways to keep things simple when living in the city

3 ways to keep things simple when living in the city

City-centre living is becoming increasingly popular by the day in the UK. While the general population of the UK has increased by 10% at the start of the 21stcentury, the population of towns and city centres has doubled.

From young professionals relocating to burgeoning areas for opportunity to students interested in engraining themselves in a vibrant community whilst at university, to even retirees looking to move into a simplified space with easy access to local amenities, there are more reasons than ever to live in the concrete jungle. Many businesses, bars and restaurants are thriving as a direct result of these growing numbers.

However, despite the positives, there are always things to be wary of when moving to a big place, including overcrowding and expensive living costs. For those interested in moving to the city, here are some ways that you can keep things simple and affordable, making sure it doesn’t swallow you up in the process.

Go off the beaten path

Heading up and down the famous streets of your city might be a good starting point in getting to grips with your new home, but be wary of the expensive routes. Popular places and name brands are great to have locally, but the costs can add up, and many can’t afford them to be part of a routine.

Instead, scrub the corners of your area to find the most affordable and stylish locations. Not only is this a great way to save money, but it can be a fun activity to do with friends and an organic form of connecting to the city. If you find your new favourite shop or bar yourself, you will feel a better sense of connection to it than if you found it through Google or a TripAdvisor review.

Stay safe

Cities are as alive at night as they are in the day, and most places are often lit up around the clock. While 9/10 people you meet on your travels will be approachable and friendly, it’s always important to be aware of yourself and your surroundings, particularly when walking home alone.

Home living

Simplified studio apartments are quickly becoming a popular normalcy amongst those flocking to the city. Inspired by Japanese space-saving techniques, the small, manageable spaces afford those living in the city an efficient, low-maintenance home that doesn’t overbear with clutter. To achieve this, keep it light with the things you’re taking with you, and perhaps invest in sleek furniture with storage solutions.

Managing your energy usage is a factor positively benefitted by having a compact and concise home, as you’ll have less to worry about. Still, remember to turn lights off when leaving a room, cut down your shower time as much as you can, and maybe talk to your landlord about getting a smart meter fitted so that you can accurately measure usage. 

In order to keep up with the demand for city-centre living, property investment companies such as RW invest are offering a variety of stylish, minimalist apartments in thriving northern areas such as Liverpool and Manchester. Their off-plan builds provide promising early-bird access to potential buyers in places like the Baltic Triangle.

Planning the day

One of the main perks of living in the city centre is the short travel distance from an abundance of important locations, and 32% of those living in cities even walk to work each day. If you still have to commute, however, it’s important to consider the most efficient way of beating the morning rush, or the rush hour traffic when it’s time to go home.

Consider investing in a railcard or bus pass if those are transport options you frequently use, as you’ll quickly make back the money spent and then some in savings. For those living in the capital city, London’s underground service (known by many as the ‘tube’), the Oyster card is a popular choice. City Bikes might not be the most fashionable option, but they’re eco-friendly, which is a plus, and most major cities have them scattered around for easy drop-in, drop-out use.


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