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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Luxury RV

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Luxury RV

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road in a luxury RV. The open road has a certain kind of life and adventure to it that’s hard to explain. It’s a kind of addictive energy that keeps pulling your mind and imagination back long after it’s over. The joy and adventure that people get from traveling through the roads of the United States are why so many individuals and families invest in RVs.

An RV is the perfect blend of convenience and adventure. Combining everything you enjoy about a road trip and the freedom of this kind of vacation, along with certain comforts that only serve to improve the entire experience. Luxury RVs take this concept to the next level.

Luxury RVs bring a feeling of satisfaction and comfort like never before. One of the best things about a luxury RV is that it doesn’t detract from the adventure of what you’re doing. If you love the freedom, the chance encounters, and the whimsical nature of a road trip, then a luxury RV simply gives you more to love. If you are all about heading out and setting up base camp and then hiking into the woods to be alone, a luxury RV comes with GPS tracking so you can never get lost. Park your RV, set up camp, lock it up, and hit the woods and mountains for a couple of days, all you have to do is open your app to find the quickest way back.

What is A Luxury RV?

The RV experience is already luxurious. A home one wheels, taking you all over the country with an unrivaled level of comfort that still allows you to experience the adventure of the open road. That being said, what luxury means in an RV is the difference between a good experience, and a completely unforgettable one.

Handcrafted from premium materials and built with your experience in mind, the Bowlus luxury RV is the leading name when it comes to style, comfort, and function. Improving on the most authentic and classic RV design on the market, the Bowlus Luxury RV is crafted with every ounce of craftsmanship being directed at your comfort.

However, this luxury RV isn’t just about form, beauty, and overall comfort, it ties in cutting-edge technology and is specifically designed to be highly functional. Not only that, but sustainable design means that all of this ingenuity and function comes at minimal cost to the earth.

With an incredibly well throughout the interior that combines both space and aesthetics to create a sense of room and safety, it’s hard to imagine improvements on a luxury RV. However, there are always ways to upgrade your current equipment and make them more curtailed for your desires and experiences. If you have been wondering what ways you can upgrade your luxury RV, here are 3 things you can do right now to improve your RV experience.

1.   Solar Powered Fun

If you are looking for a smart way to make the most of your energy resources and you already plan on taking your luxury RV where the sun is plentiful, consider upgrading your rig with solar power. Solar power panels are relatively easy to come by when it comes to upgrading your luxury RV and are not considered uncommon. If you want an easy way to rig your solar panels to the top of your RV, see the second way to upgrade your luxury RV.

2.   A Good Roof Rack

RVs, in general, capitalize on having excellent storage space, and by and large, there are very few complaints when it comes to how well you can pack most RVs for a trip. However, the roof of an RV is ample space that is typically left alone. The reason for this is usually that most roofs aren’t equipped with a good roof rack.

A capable roof rack will take up minimal space on an RV and will allow you to do some pretty great things. Securing certain luggage, fixing solar panels, and even hooking up extra lighting are all things that a roof rack allows.

3.   Coded Door Lock

A keyless door lock goes a long way to make life just easier to enjoy. You don’t have to worry about storing or losing your key. This is really helpful if you enjoy regularly going out for exercises like runs, or frequent hiking, you no longer have to word about losing your key on your outing. A simple keyless lock can bring you peace of mind and actually transform your adventures with your luxury RV.

Upgrading your luxury RV takes time and experience to know how to do properly. It just takes experience to figure out what you want to add, and what you want to leave as is. The good part about owning a luxury RV is that the adventure of figuring out your needs is going to be an absolutely great one.


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