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4 Amazing Pieces of Laser Engraved Art

4 Amazing Pieces of Laser Engraved Art

Image Source: Flickr

Art takes many forms, but it becomes really incredible when you combine technology with the right artist. Laser engraved art is one of the newest and most exciting formats for artists, with plenty of opportunity in untapped artistic territory. Let’s take a look at some of the most incredible pieces of laser engraved art the world over.

Board Games

Who would have ever thought that we would play our favorite board games on lasers? You can basically find a laser engraved version of every board game that you play in everyday life. Find new ways to have fun using old games with these brand new ways to bring the family together. The design above is just a simple maze game that could be used as a stand-in for a number of games such as Candy Land or Parcheesi. Artists also use machines to help with the process of laser engraving metal alongside wood to create these masterpieces.

Cell Phone Cases

Image Source: Melbourne Laser Cutter

Yes, you can have laser etchings on your cell phone if you want to! With the right designer, you can have a completely unique and original case that no one else in the world has. The design above is a take on ancient tribal art. Take note of the details in the design – this is work that may actually be only available through laser art techniques.


Image Source: Rebloggy

Many designers are using laser designs to create incredible art of their favorite celebrities. This Matthew McConaughey poster draws special attention to the message in the poster of man being the cruelest animal. This is certainly a piece of information that needs a bit of sugar to go down, so the inclusion of the familiar face is certainly a way to bring it to more people!

Abstract Pieces

Image Source: Melbourne Laser Cutter

Art doesn’t have to mean anything on its surface. Neither does laser art! There are many artists who are using lasers to simply create and express pure feeling and abstraction. Lasers, like all mediums, have their own special signature that no other medium has. You can bring across designs and patterns through lasers that can’t really be expressed through other tools. The piece above is a fantastic example of a pattern based work of depth perception and symmetry. What does it mean? Who knows, but you can’t take your eyes off of it!

When it comes to making art, lasers have definitely proven themselves as a tool that can bring across many different feelings and unique designs. What’s more, the right laser artist can create these pieces quite fast when compared to the creation time that most good pieces of art take. If you have a need for designs in your life, then laser engraved art is definitely a medium that you should consider. This cost and time effective technique of creating art should be in your life, and there are plenty of ways that it can be today!


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