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4 Augmented Reality Activities To Make Your eLearning Course Really Engaging

4 Augmented Reality Activities To Make Your eLearning Course Really Engaging

AR and VR are the latest buzzwords in technology today. While they have a significant presence all across the technological arena, people often use them interchangeably. 

Virtual Reality is known for transporting users to another world, Augmented Reality, on the other hand, is more of an interactive appearance of real-life environments blended with digital elements including haptic feedback, visual overlays, and much more. 

The role of AR in the eLearning industry was not so pivotal in the past, but now it is becoming all the more relevant with every passing day. Instructors are using it to trigger ‘just-in-time’ learning. Moreover, it allows them to acquire a new skill by facing a critical situation without having to worry about the consequences of their actions in an unsecured environment. Here are some of the most engaging augmented reality activities that you can add to your next eLearning course to make it even more interactive. 

  1. Real word simulations

When done correctly, real-world simulations are inherently immersive. However, you can make them even more engaging by including interactive, clickable objects and hot spots. As mentioned above, these form a realistic environment or situation that form the basis of elearning activity. Relatable images, sounds, and processes must be incorporated which make the activity even more interactive and attracts the attention of the learners. As it is, they have the power to move items into place, combine different objects, and use simulations to complete the task. 

  1. High-risk learning scenarios in real-time

Augmented reality mimics every aspect of a real-life situation or crisis. That being said, it aids the customers in experiencing complex situations wherein they have to deal with the same amount of pressure and stress as in the real world. However, the difference is that here the learners are in a secure environment and they can learn from their mistakes. This provides them with a valuable experience without actually experiencing any injuries. And, this helps learners across all industries, for instance, medical practitioners can practice complex procedures without endangering the patients. And even machine operators are provided with the ability to master their tools in a safe environment. 

  1. Engaging games

Augmented reality and games go hand in hand. And most people were introduced to it by gaming apps. The AR game, Pokemon Go when launched had taken the world by storm. Everyone was busy downloading, playing, and further recommending it to others. In this, users hunt for fictional characters in the real world which are superimposed by the app. They can even take selfies with their favourite characters while sitting in their living rooms or office cubicle. Such an approach can be adapted to create immersive and engaging eLearning games. Instead of fictional creatures, employees can interact with customers and items they find in their workplace. 

  1. Visual 3D learning models 

3D models and demos are one of the most attractive and innovative uses of augmented reality today. In the past, online learners could simply view static images, diagrams, and charts on their computer screen. But, with the advancement of technology, they are able to experience three-dimensional visualizations such that they can view these from three different angles. They can even interact with hot spots to learn more about individual components. For instance, machine operators are able to familiarize themselves with the efficient operation of machinery and how to use it properly. 

The inception of augmented reality is a blessing in itself. The practical application of things in a dynamic virtual environment is what steals our hearts. So, what are you waiting for? Incorporate the aforementioned AR activities in your eLearning course today and experience better engagement. For the same, you can also take assistance from the top augmented reality companies which will help you provide a rich experience. 

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