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4 Books You Should Read to Relax

4 Books You Should Read to Relax

If you often feel pent-up anxiety at night, then reading a good book can help. There are many outstanding books on the market, but reading a feel-good story can help calm your brain. After all, if you are like many adults, then you have fond memories of being read a good story at bedtime. The same process works with most adults. A comfortable memory-foam mattress and a great book can be the ticket to a solid night’s sleep. Choose the book that you find most interesting from this list and give it a try. 

And the Mountains Echoed 

This book begins with a fable set in 1952 of how a farmer manages to eke out a living is forced to give away one of his children to an evil giant. Eventually, the farmer who has never given up grieving finds his child again. The child is in a beautiful garden surrounded by other joyful children. The farmer decides that his son is better off with the evil giant and returns home without him, but not before the giant gives him a secret potion. The rest of the book examines questions about what makes one wealthy, societal norms, and many other compelling questions in a way that will leave you spellbound. 

Ella Minnow Pea 

Set on an island off South Carolina’s shore, this book is written in letter format. The residents on this island decide that grammar is the ultimate law. That is until letters start falling off a monument dedicated to Nevin Nollop, who created the phrase “the quick brown dog jumped over the lazy dog.” As each letter falls off the monument three times, the resident council bans that letter and all words containing it. Finally, a journalist arrives and starts taking action. Along the way, the journalist falls in love with one of the fable’s main characters. Author Mark Dunn does a fascinating job with word plays in this book that will leave you trying to stay away on the best memory foam mattress so that you can read the next letter. 


The main character August is a boy with a severe facial deformity. After being homeschooled throughout elementary school, during which time he had 27 surgeries to try to fix the deformity, August enters a private middle school where he must endure constant bullying. With a lot of humor, readers realize that even outlooks on the toughest situations can be changed with love at home. In this book by R.J. Palacio, you will be challenged to see yourself in many of the characters as the point-of-view changes every few chapters providing you with new insights. Like the children who surround August, you are likely to come away learning new things about yourself and your belief system. 

Orphan Number Eight 

Rachel Rabinowitz was just four years old when her mother died, and her father left her and her brother Sam. She grew up in group homes in the 1920s, where horrible experiments were done on the orphans. As an adult, Rachel becomes a nurse. Through her work, she encounters the doctor who conducted the experiments who is now in bad health. She must decide if she will show this doctor the compassion that she was not given as a child or take revenge for all the wrong things done to her and other orphans. 

Reading is a great way to get your mind off your struggles and helps to stop anxiety. Find a good book and read it


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