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4 Essential Things You Need to Know Before Building Your Log Cabin Home

4 Essential Things You Need to Know Before Building Your Log Cabin Home

Each year over 300,000 new homes are constructed in the United States.

For most first time home buyers, having a residence constructed that is both unique and affordable is a priority. If you are looking for a rustic yet classy looking structure, having a log cabin home constructed is a great idea.

In order to get the results you are looking for, you will need to hire an experienced builder. Making sure the builder in question has a great deal of previous experience is vital. Generally, the more experience a builder has with the construction of log cabin homes, the easier you will find it to have a stress-free home building process.

The following are some of the essential things you need to know before you start to build your log cabin.

  1. The Total Cost of The Home Build

Some people have the misconception that log homes are drastically cheaper than traditional homes. While a smaller log home may be a bit less expensive, you will have to deal with a reduced amount of square footage.

Before you commit to a particular log cabin home design, you need to get some itemized estimates from builders in the area. Usually, an experienced builder will have no problem giving you a realistic breakdown of what the log cabin home of your dreams will cost.

Once you have these estimates, you can start shopping around with lenders in your area. Settling for the first home loan you come across may lead to you paying far too much in the long run.

  1. The Energy Efficiency Factor

One of the best parts about building a home from the ground up is the fact that you can make every part of the home energy efficient.

Did you realize there are different logs on the market that offer a higher rate of energy efficiency? The energy efficiency building materials have are rated by an R value.

The type of tree a log comes from makes a big difference in regards to its R value. This is why having a knowledgeable builder helping you pick the right materials for this build is a must. With their guidance, you should have no problem getting the highest-quality building materials on the market.

  1. The Walls of Your Log Cabin Home Will Settle and Shrink Over Time

Regardless of the type of logs you use to construct your cabin, they will shrink and settle over time. The high moisture content that logs have will dissipate over time. The lower the moisture content in this wood gets, the more it will ultimately shrink.

The best way to protect your home from shrink damage is by applying the appropriate finishes, chinking or caulking to this material. Log homes that are properly chinked will become more energy efficient as the wood begins to shrink and crack.

  1. Log Cabin Homes Require Maintenance

Just like any other residential structure, your log cabin will require a great deal of maintenance to stay in pristine condition. Regularly maintaining your log cabin will help to reduce damage from UV rays, insects and water. Instead of attempting to handle this complicated maintenance work on your own may lead to mistakes being made.

Rather than letting these mistakes lead to damage, you should hire professionals to assist you with these tasks.

The amount of work you put into building and maintain your log cabin home will definitely pay off. Modern log cabin homes provide both rustic charm and plenty of room, which make them well worth the money.



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