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4 Features to Look for When Shopping for a Ceramic Hob

4 Features to Look for When Shopping for a Ceramic Hob

Ceramic hobs are devices that feature electric coils under their glass top. They are similar to solid plate hobs. Also, they are cost-effective and resemble the induction hobs. Ceramic hobs are easy to clean with an easy-to-understand functionality. However, there are certain features to consider when shopping. These include;

  1. Safety features 

Cooking involves using heat, and it’s vital to stay safe and avoid accidents. Hobs emit high heat levels and can be dangerous without proper precautions. For this reason, acquire a hob with timers and insulated handles. Also, choose a ceramic or induction hob with lock controls. These touch controls will prevent kids from turning on the device and enhance their safety.

  1. Dimensions.

If your kitchen isn’t brand new, it will include a designated space for a stove. However, you’ll need to stick to the exact dimensions since you don’t want it to be too huge or small. The ceramic hobs are available in various sizes, which may limit your options. Therefore, before selecting a particular ceramic hob, know the required space. Otherwise, you may end up choosing the wrong hob size.

  1. Cooking zones.

Everyone wishes to reduce the cooking time to save energy, and your hob will determine your cooking duration. In most cases, ceramic zones have four zones, which are enough for family use. However, consider a specialized high power zone model if you cook frequently.

  1. Ultra-rapid burners.

For induction, it’s called a “booster,” and for gas, it’s called a “triple crown burner.” Most hobs have some form of ultra-quick burner. They’re designed to generate robust and high-powered heat quickly and are ideal for stir-frying for anyone utilizing large pans or promptly heating water to a boil. The general purpose is to ease up cooking, and a ceramic hob with ultra-rapid burners is most suitable for your home.

What are other key features to consider?

  • Power output-confirm its power output and ensure it is enough to minimize your cooking time. All ceramic hobs come with different power outputs; go for one with high power output.
  • Does it come with a warranty? All you want is a reliable and long-lasting hob. Therefore, consider purchasing one with at least a one-year contract to ensure replacement in case of any complications.
  • Cleaning features- It’s important to keep your hob clean at all times. Although ceramic hobs are easy to handle, some models are quite complicated. Choose a hob that is easy to handle.
  • Cooking-put the kind of cooking you take into consideration. For instance, large stews or casseroles, or even quick recipes. These require rapid heating and a ceramic hob is ideal.
  • Price is also a major factor you can put in place. These hobs are priced differently depending on the features they have. Highly-priced ones tend to have the most parts, so plan your budget accordingly.

These are crucial features to know about ceramic cookers, and having this knowledge will aid you in choosing the best cookers for your home. Therefore, pick one with modern touch controls and contribute to the cooktop’s design value.





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