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4 Important Ways Virtual Medical Care Aids In Preserving Your Patient History

4 Important Ways Virtual Medical Care Aids In Preserving Your Patient History

You’ve heard a lot about virtual doctor visits and how they make things so much easier for the patients. One aspect of this approach that does not get the attention it deserves is the preservation of the patient’s medical history. Here are some things you should know about how your information is maintained and why it matters.

Historical Information is Saved in Digital Form

One of the things you will want to do is ensure all of your medical history is associated with your account. That will mean the information must be converted into a digital format. Your past medical history, including information about health issues that are part of your family history, will be helpful as your doctor seeks to provide the level of care needed.

Virtual medical

Remember that when Sudbury family doctors arrange for your records to be saved digitally and stored in a secure cloud location, they are ensuring that nothing will destroy those records. No matter what sort of natural disaster occurs, your records can be retrieved from any location as long as there is a secure connection and the right access codes are used.

New Information is Added and Saved in Real Time

Even as you are speaking with the doctor, notes are being added to your patient record. This is being done in real time, so there is no potential for something to be left out. If a specialist or another doctor needs to review the conversation and the physician notes from several years ago, they will be readily available.

The Data is Easily Searched

The ability to search those digital records will also make it all the easier for Ajax family physicians to find information they believe is relevant to your current health issue. Unlike having to pore through hard copies, the search feature built into the database makes it possible to enter a search phrase and have the information on the screen in a matter of seconds. When you are asked a question about a procedure from a few years back and are not sure of the answer, retrieving the data and viewing what the attending physician recorded will be easy.

You Have Access Via Your Account

Have you ever asked for copies of your patient file and then had to wait until someone could retrieve a physical file, copy the contents, and then hand the information to you? In some cases, you have to make the request and allow several days for the staff to complete the task as they deal with other duties. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid all that and have access to your medical information?

Many virtual medical platforms allow patients access to their medical records. As items are added, you can log in and view the information. If you are referred to a specialist and undergo tests, the results will be received and added to your patient record. That means you can see them just a easily as the specialist and your primary care physician.

The excellent record keeping may not be the main reason for using virtual medical care but it is a great perk. Set up an account today and learn more about how the process works. When you do need to see a doctor and there’s not a lot of time to fit in a traditional visit, you’ll find this approach to healthcare is a great alternative.





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