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4 Key Benefits of Ridesharing

4 Key Benefits of Ridesharing

Ridesharing has been developing over the years. The concept is very widely accepted worldwide and the goal is to do the following three things:

  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Reduce the number of trips a vehicle makes
  • Reduce the emissions that come from vehicles

The concept has taken the world of transportation by storm. People who own private companies can sign up with a company that organizes ridesharing and then offer commuters a ride. Modern technology has been leveraged by such companies in order to make the services reliable. Most of them use apps, social media, and even GPS to connect drivers to commuters who may be close to them.

The apps used for ridesharing have several advantages as follows:

  1. You don’t have to make cash payment.
  2. You are able to track where the driver is at any given moment.
  3. You are notified as the driver gets close to where you are.
  4. You can contact your driver as needed.

These advantages have made ridesharing so popular that regular taxis are having a hard time competing. One of the things to note though is that ridesharing does not eliminate other methods of transportation such as trains, taxis and buses. It simply complements them.

Benefits of ridesharing

  1. Alternative transportation –Technology has made alternative transportation available to commuters. This means that people can get to where they need to go conveniently and easily. People who don’t have the funds to purchase a car, or who may have their car in the garage, would otherwise have to travel by bus, train or taxi in order to go shopping, to school, work or some other place. Many times, they are hindered by cost and convenience. Ridesharing offers a service that is both convenient and cost effective.
  2. Cost effective – If you have ever had to take a cab and got caught in traffic, then you know the dreadful feeling of watching the meter tick. Ridesharing is cheaper than taking a taxi since you can have more than one person sharing the ride and also the cost.
  3. Ease of getting a ride – If you are thinking of catching a taxi at a taxi rank, you may find yourself having to wait for a taxi to swing by. Additionally, should there be others waiting for taxis, you would have to wait your turn. If you are running late, this can be a major stressor. With rideshare, all you have to do is use your app to locate a ride close to you. Once you have indicated the location where you are and your destination, a driver will come for you as quickly as possible.
  4. Drivers who are friendly – Ridesharing drivers are very friendly and with the app, you are actually able to rate your driver as well. This will generally keep the drivers in check because nobody wants to get a negative review. The fact that the app tracks the car means that most people feel safe and over time build a trustful relationship with the said drivers.


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