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4 Luxurious Office Design Trends of 2019

4 Luxurious Office Design Trends of 2019

Office design is both a science and an art form; it plays an integral role in a business’ capacity to function and the productivity of its employees, while simultaneously communicating a company’s brand, mission, and values to clients and customers. A physical office space can also be a big deciding factor for prospective employees; can they see themselves working there? In 2018 the trends were very focused on the comfort and wellbeing of employees, and 2019 seems to be building on its foundations. However, innovative, creative and multipurpose offices are also becoming increasingly popular. Here are some of the workplace design trends making the biggest impact. 

Co-habitation and Experience-Driven Workspaces 

One of the most exciting trends in office design is the inclusion of experience-driven workspaces. This is a blend between a working environment and a leisure facility which truly addresses the eternal quest for a work/life balance. These enhancements can include massage therapy and chiropractor consultation spaces, meditation areas, acupuncture and holistic medicine offerings, yoga studios and walking/jogging trails, rock climbing walls, espresso and cocktail bar, game rooms and virtual reality gaming spaces and even theater and music stages. 

Following on from 2018, there remains a definite focus on co-habitation and flexible workspaces which promote creativity and collaboration such as open plan office design, multi-use meeting areas, portable wall dividers with lightweight, mobile furniture and comfortable couches and chairs. 

Embracing Nature 

The appreciation and protection of our natural environment is a global concern, and this is certainly being reflected in the design of office spaces. Sometimes referred to as the ‘second nature trend,’ incorporating elements from the natural world and promoting more eco-friendly business practices is widely seen. This can be as simple as introducing more plants and green life into the office but can extend to ‘living’ green walls of moss. These designs can also include the use of natural textures and themes such as wood and water features. 

A huge number of businesses are also ‘going green’ in more practical ways too such as using recycled materials in their packaging or committing, recycling and reducing waste and minimizing their energy consumption. Many companies choose to use business utility comparison sites to find suppliers which generate energy from renewable energy sources to support their eco-friendly ethos. 

Design with Personality 

The very walls of the office are now seen as an opportunity for branding and expression with abstract and bold art or patterns more and more of a common sight. Businesses are becoming bolder with their interior design to promote their brand’s personality and the company culture to clients and customers visually. 

Vintage vs. Modern 

The very nature of trends means that what once was outdated will have its day again. This is also true of office design with the fusing of modern art and design with historic architecture, vintage décor, and antique items being displayed as one. Dilapidated warehouses are being injected with new life through cutting edge technology and contemporary design. Refurbished office furniture can be a great way to save on costs, reduce the impact on the environment and make a design statement.

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